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Healers and Detachment

Healers are full of unconditional love, but live a life of detachment.

In order for the infinite power of the Divine Creator to flow through our physical being and pour into those who trust us for their healing, we must remain plugged in to Divine Source Energy. This Energy transcends time, space, religion, consciousness, politics, societal norms, and mental constructs. There is no way to be sure that once this magnificent energy is released, the participant will be open, have faith, receive, or follow through with the instructions we have been led to give them for their highest good. Everyone has their own Journey and we have to be willing to let go and allow people to make their own choices. We can only do what we have been directed to do by the Most High, everything else is up to them. We cannot attach to the outcome, because we are not responsible for their reaction or receptiveness. We are only responsible for obeying the Divine and allowing ourselves to be authentically led, without the interference of our own ego, to heal others. We are simply a vessel.

We must focus on constant alignment, elevation, and ascension. It is rare that someone else wants to focus on their own alignment and elevation alongside us. Most people would prefer to concentrate on the physical aspects of life, while healers are continuously focused on the spiritual aspects behind the scenes of this physical realm. While we appreciate the tangible, we are constantly receiving spiritual downloads that are too powerful to ignore. Physical conversations can feel like noise and mundane worldly routines can feel like chaotic distractions. Our most powerful position is sitting down with our eyes closed.

Every person we interact with reflects back to us the energy we are emanating. Since healers are focused on growth, we look at every experience as an opportunity to learn something new. We delight in exploring the depths of the rabbit hole and the furthest of the cosmos. We are not afraid of our own shadow and self-examining our flaws. Although it hurts, we know that self-correction gets us one step closer to our goal, Ascension.

We know we are connected to a Divine Source beyond this planet. There are truths that have been kept hidden, and lies that we’ve been forced to accept as a human society. Getting caught up with one, denies wisdom of the other. We know we must embrace all to have access to the full range of infinite power we need in order to heal others without limitation.

We need to regroup, release, and recharge often. This typically requires being alone. We need to be able to hear without interference so that we can obey without hesitation. Having other people around us during these times can be overwhelming, counterproductive, painful, and an overall deterrent to our Divine Purpose and highest good.

If you have a Healer in your inner circle, don’t take it personal when they take some time to be alone, it’s work- related. Not a problem for the Healer, but unfortunately for others, this is a 24/7 profession. If there is one you want to get to know better or spend more time with, you cannot approach him/her like you would someone else on the basic, physical level. You must elevate yourself and meet the Healer on the spiritual level where they reside.



The Power of Stillness.

We all have infinite wisdom and spiritual abilities. It just depends on how open and obedient we are. If you feel led from Spirit to do something strange and you do it, you are being obedient and eventually you will get rewarded by being “leveled up”.

When you aren’t concerned with spiritual gifts and are simply focusing on growing closer to the Divine, the intimacy of that relationship swells up and expands within you. It pours out onto every living being around you in the form of unconditional love, effortlessly.

You begin to think, feel, speak, and live differently. You become energetically and spiritually attuned. Anything out of alignment with your Higher-Self becomes excruciating. Your physical outer world begins to reflect your supernatural inner world, but only if you can remain focused Within.

When you begin to listen diligently, and you are faithful and obedient to the guidance of your ancestors, your spiritual gifts will be revealed to you. It’s about maintaining your energetic balance and alignment, listening to that still, small voice within, and being willing, and obedient, consistently.

You can only hear guidance by going Within. Often times, people just want to know their spiritual gifts and flow in them, without doing any of the inner work that it takes to access and excavate them. It takes discipline and application. Diligence and consistency. Reflection, healing, and growth. But most of all, it takes a deep yearning to be closer to the Godforce within. A desperation for stillness, a hunger for wisdom, an unquenchable thirst for Truth.

Some prefer to overload themselves with external information without actually doing anything to incorporate what they have learned into their lifestyles- then they wonder why they are blocked and can’t do X,Y, and Z.

Everyone is intricately connected to the same Divine wisdom that created the Universe. For we are all created with this wisdom and therefore, the Creator is embedded within the fabric of our DNA. It’s not about whether you have “it” or not, but instead, it’s about whether you have the discipline to humble yourself and still your mind long enough to listen to the guidance of Spirit. It’s about having the fortitude to obey the voices of your ancestors, regardless of how far it stretches you beyond your comfort zone….especially when it challenges everything you have been conditioned to believe from the time you were born.

You can only spread Love and Light, if you are willing to BECOME Love and Light. To become, means we have to release, evolve, and eventually transform. When we truly BECOME, this is an effortless task.

Until we release ego, shed our mental programs, listen and obey,

we are standing in the way of our own ascension.


Love and Truth.


I’ve never wanted a relationship.  

I was always inspired by hermits.

I used to mail formal invites to my “break-up parties” that were held within a week of ending a relationship.

I used to have major panic attacks at weddings and bridal showers, so I stopped trying to go to them at all.  I knew people wouldn’t understand the anxiety I felt, so  I would just mail gift cards after the fact.

At weddings, when the couple recited the vows, I would see shackles and hear words of ownership being spoken. 

I had a panic attack halfway down the aisle of my own wedding and literally needed both of my parents to walk me.  They were whispering encouraging words, “Keep going.  You’re okay. “

My marriage became abusive within the first two years. 

I regretted forcing myself to do something that was clearly so unnatural for me.

I was excited to get divorced.  I didn’t have a party, but I have celebrated my freedom every day since he left. 

It’s  been four years since my divorce was final.  

I feel Whole.  Complete.  Healed.  Powerful.  Intuitive.  Devine.  Royal.  Precious.  Loveable.  Amazing. And Aligned with Spirit and Truth.

I don’t want to jeopardize any of that by adding another person to the equation who will interfere with the progress I’ve made.  

Some people can be needy.  Clingy.  Manipulative.  And unintentionally controlling.  I’m so in love with my personal growth and ascension journey, I have no interest in compromising that for the sake of a romantic relationship.  Time is an illusion and this may or may not be my last lifetime.  

Either way, I’m  enjoying my journey without a man so much that I don’t want a man if I can’t continue to grow and flourish as I have these past four years.  

I am so much better!  I want more! I am in LOVE with growing!!!  If he can’t pour into my soul, I don’t want him.  

If all he can do is focus on the physical aspects of me and things of this temporary, 3D realm, he’s not for me.  

“He” will be my King, not my student.

“He” will pour into my being, rather than deplete me.

“He” will show me with his actions that I am in great hands. 

“He” will not run from my truth.

“He” will empower me with his consistency and be patient as I allow myself to trust him.  

“He” will encourage me through his energetic vibration.

His higher self will speak to mine and say “Keep going.  You’re okay” …….

And I will believe “Him” and let myself love again. 

I won’t be “His” and “He” won’t be mine, 

We will simply just  “Be” together in love. 💖


“Black Consciousness” vs. Consciousness.

One day, I hope that all my “Black Conscious” friends realize that being angry is not really effectively raising the consciousness of this planet.  Yes, it is absolutely necessary that we have a true knowledge of Self.  Yes, we need to be aware of what has been and is still going on behind the history and systems of this physical world.  Yes, we do need to unify, build, and support each other in our socio-economic endeavors.  Yes, we need to rebuild our communities and create our own systems of education, finance, health, and commerce. 
But no, we do not need to expend our precious energy on hating those that have hated us for centuries.

On the contrary, we need to use our energy wisely and transmute the BS that is pushed our way. Instead of allowing our vibration to be manipulated and controlled by the systems we disagree with, we need to maintain our positive, and high vibes.  When we feel overwhelmed with anger, we need to transmute that negative energy into love and compassion for our people, our communities, and our world.  To love our enemies does not necessarily mean to like them.  It means to love the lessons learned, and to appreciate the strength and wisdom which have been passed down from generations of our ancestors through the intricacies of our DNA.  

Some of my most conscious brothers and sisters are so bitter and filled with hate, they don’t even realize how deeply  they are caught up into this web of a matrix and playing right into the hands of the oppressor.

Overstand this:  Wisdom is in our melanin.  Learn how to use it properly.  Nurture. Educate. Empower. But most importantly, LOVE. Everyone. Period.

To be conscious is to be intent on raising not just awareness, but also the vibration of this planet.  Why do you think we knew how to build pyramids in the first place?  I know you didn’t think they were actually just burial tombs. Lol

-Hotep ✌

What do I want?

I want a partner that feels good and fits me nicely…….

In every way.

I want to feel adored and cherished.

I want to feel like out of all the other women that want him, he only wants me.

I want to feel beautiful, sexy, supported, understood, respected, inspired, safe, trusted, and most importantly, loved.

I want to feel sexually satisfied.

I want to feel….sprung.

I want our relationship to be unlimited.

I want it to flow, with ease.

I want to go as far as we want to go, without hesitation or restriction.

I don’t have a benchmark.

I don’t have a white picket fence fantasy.

I don’t have a due date.

I don’t even have “relationship goals”.

I just want to BE….. 

With him.

I know my worth.  I am priceless.

I don’t need to convince him or hope he notices all the greatness within me.

He sees my rarity and value before he  even initiates conversation.

He knows he needs to clean up his dirty laundry first, because I will see it all in a quick glance of a selfie if he doesn’t.

He is a King.  

He knows what I need because he has learned from the Queens that raised him. 

He enhances my growth, just by being himself.

The more freedom and space he gives me, the more I flourish and appreciate him.

The more I appreciate him, the more he treasures me.

What do I want?


Without boundary or expectation.

​To My King:

I cherish your presence in my life.  You are like a beautiful, rare and precious jewel.  I know you don’t see everything I see, but all I see is pure magnificence when I look at you.  I see your ancestors, I see your higher-self.  I see the boy that you were, and the man that you are now on the way to who you are destined to become.  You are…. delectable.  You are Divine.  We are not “together”, but I hate the thought of ever being  “apart”.   I would hate for you to ever be with someone that did not know the fullness of you.  Or how to nurture the Divine within you.  
I feel you.  I feel you within me as if we were sharing the same body and organs.  I feel your breath when you stress.  Your heart when you’re tense.  I feel the struggle of your higher-self pushing through the noise to be heard.  

Whether we are never “together” or forever “apart”, you will always be My King.   
I love you. 


I can’t even fully articulate the depth of how much I do. 

​BE that which you want.

You say you want a woman who is deep, but you can’t see beyond her physical beauty.

You say you want her to be faithful, but you’re not interested in being monogamous.

You say you want her to only have eyes for you, while you look and pursue many others.

You say you want her to connect with you on a spiritual level, but you don’t attempt to connect with your own spirit.

You say you want her to be intelligent, but you don’t engage her in intellectual conversation.

You say you want her to cook, clean, and nurture you, but you enjoy spending most of your time away from home.

You say you want her to be a powerful professional, but you want to remain more important than her work.

You say you want her to be accomplished, but you don’t put effort into achieving your own goals.

You say you want a lover who is also your friend, but you prefer keeping her in the friend zone.

You say you want her to grow endlessly toward consciousness, but you don’t seek to gain knowledge that will increase your understanding.

You say you want her to raise your vibration, but you don’t govern your own vibrational frequency.

You say you want a mature, responsible woman, but you don’t take on the responsibility of being a mature man.

You say you want a Queen, but being her King requires much more than wearing a crown.