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I’m human.  Although I do all I can to remain aligned and present across dimensions, there are still times when I feel……. human.

There are times when my feelings get hurt.  Times when I feel betrayed, used, rejected, taken advantage of,  vulnerable, annoyed or flat out angry.  Sometimes, I feel more than one emotion at a time, but I have responsibilities that force me to keep moving due to not being in the appropriate time and place to confront or express the issue.  Living in this matrix we call society causes us to become immune to suppressing our thoughts and feelings.  As we continue to move in our busyness, and ignore what has upset us, we push toxic thoughts and energy down into our being.  Eventually, we become what we are trying to squelch.  
As we pursue our personal growth, it is important to embrace these emotions as opportunities for advancement. When we can recognize not only what we’re feeling, but why we’re feeling it, and dig deeper to expose the root cause of why we feel the way we do, then we are able to transcend beyond our emotions. We are able to ascend.
My method is to withdraw. I go within and listen. I sage myself. I sage my space. I listen to music to target my chakras and remove subconscious fears and blockages. I write. I learn about myself. And sometimes, I discover that what I was upset about, has more to do with me than the other person or circumstance.  Realizing that the offense was not an offense, as much as a misperception, allows me to recognize the thought patterns and mental programs I still need to shed and release. Likewise, when I realize that the offense was actually an offense, and my emotions are valid, it is important to recognize and act on the opportunity to express myself and defend my boundaries.  
Ironically, some people are not worth the hassle of communicating with. Sometimes it’s just better to let sleeping dogs lie and move on without confrontation. However, this kind of moving on, is not the same as moving in obligation to fulfill our physical responsibilities.  Instead,  it is releasing and moving on with an attitude of understanding and clarity.  
When you get annoyed, angry, or upset, STOP. 
Go within.  And listen. …… Before you move.


Love is…..

Love is participation, not possession.  

It actively reflects our flaws through the lens of acceptance, positively motivating us toward self-improvement and personal growth.  

Love is liberating, not containing.

It allows us time and space to expand to our fullest potential as individuals.  Meanwhile, it supports us when our efforts seem to have failed, and encourages us to move forward despite obstacles in our path.  After all, we are not facing them alone, anymore.

Love understands that it cannot exist without contrast.  For then, it could never be cherished.  

Love is the core of your inner most being comfortably fitting the core of someone else’s, and simply appreciating that fact.  
For this reason, love does not expect.   
Rather, love celebrates all that is.

There is no lack, no void, nothing to prove or win.  Love is not calculating, manipulative, or able to play games.  

Love is simple. 

Love just is…


How loudly must we cry in order to be heard?

How bad does it have to get before we are understood?

If I have a flashback and cry in class

All you do after everyone laughs

Is tell me: 


I wish you would take me to the side

Give me some tissue for my eyes,

Maybe a hug would be good 

If you sincerely felt like you should.

But instead, you just tell me:


What am I supposed to do?

Who am I supposed to go to?

I am the voice of those unheard

Those who have had their dreams deferred.

Parents who are stressed

Teachers who are overwhelmed

Children with arms outstretched

Longing to be rescued.

We can’t forget how we 

got here so how can we:


From sitting in the desk

To now standing behind it

A single parent of two little ones

No words can describe this

Feeling of fear and despair

Yet hopeful determination.

We are resilient.

We are creative. 

But we need our next generation!

Only in love and unity will we:


We don’t have a choice

I wish more would raise their voice

Rather than suffer in silence

Trying to keep their faces fixed

I wish less would talk and more would listen

It would completely change their disposition.

If they could hear our ancestors guide us

They wouldn’t just lead, but they would help us survive this.

Then we could:


One thing I’ve learned in life

Is we can’t depend on someone else’s dime

We must rise to our feet

Brush the dust off our sleeves.

Sit still in meditation,

And follow our intuition

We must fill ourselves with love

Overflowing with power from above

Grab the hands of our neighbors 

Lift them up in praises

And together let us all say:


​Hearing God’s Voice.

This morning, Tino asked to come outside and meditate with me.  He grabbed a peacock ore crystal and a mat.  I grabbed my mat and amythyst.  We chose a spot in the sun.  He connected his mat to mine.  I reminded him that when we meditate, we are listening to God. I told him to feel God in all the nature that surrounded us.  I pointed to a bird flying in the sky and reminded him that God lives inside and takes care of all living things.  I called his attention to all the abundance of life around us….  The trees, squirrels, bugs underneath the ground, fish in all the lakes and oceans, and even the fish and critters living in the yucky Flint river.  A helicopter began flying overhead toward the hospital.  I pointed to it and told him that God is taking care of all of us…. The pilot who’s trying to land safely, the nurses on board trying to take care of the sick person inside, and the sick person who is probably praying to get better.  God hears all of us and gives us all that we need, just at the time we need it.  Then, we rubbed our fingers through the grass.  I told him we were like one tiny, little blade of grass among all the billions of people and other life existing on Earth.  He pulled one blade of grass up and looked at it.  I reminded him that even that tiny blade of grass needs the right amount of sun, rain, and nutrients to survive and God gives the grass so much love and care that it grows back every year, even after I cut it every week in the summer.  Then, he looked at his crystal and remembered that God makes them too.  I said, “they are found deep in caves and they’re really hard to get to, but God grows them and created them to give off energy to help us feel good.”

I told him to close his eyes, breathe deep, and feel the wind and sun touching his face, listen to to the birds and other sounds of life all around us.  We both did it. Together.  Side by side, in lotus position, crystals in hand….   We sat in silence for about 10 minutes.  We opened our eyes and then, something really powerful  happened; I taught him how to hear God.

“When you have a problem, and you need God’s help in knowing what to do, just sit down, close your eyes, and speak to God with your heart. Say how you feel and ask a question, then, listen for the answer.  It won’t sound like a big deep voice coming from the sky because God lives inside of us.  It will probably sound like your own voice, but instead of hearing words in your mind, you will feel it come from your belly and heart. It will probably be something different than what you would normally think, and it will feel really good.  You will feel strong, confident, and peaceful.  The answer will make you feel a warm sense of joy and love.  When you open your eyes, you will know exactly what to do.
If you ever feel icky about something, stop what you’re doing and sit down to ask God what you should be doing instead.  When you feel that peaceful answer rise up, be obedient.  Do what you saw in your mind and follow what God showed you in your heart.
Lastly, the most important thing to do is to say, ‘Thank you’.  The more you listen, the more you will be able to hear.  The more you are thankful, the more God will bless you.”
At that moment, I realized, this was the most powerful lesson I could ever teach my six year old Sun:
Hearing God’s Voice.

​Growth vs. Manifestation.

When we encounter contrast, discord, or disappointment, we know right away what we don’t want to experience, and sometimes, in that instance, we also know what we do want instead. But how do we get from point A to B?  How do we go from  having unhealthy relationships to manifesting the love we need, want, and deserve?

First, we recognize what we don’t want. But if we keep thinking about it, we will only attract more of it.

Next, we identify what we do want.  But we must align ourselves energetically with what we desire, and focus only on the feeling of having it if we truly want to receive it. Then, that will be all we can attract.

Finally, we must do the internal work to be mentally and emotionally able to receive what we want.  If it is something we’ve never had or seen before, it may be difficult to do this. The majority of people stop short of completing this step.  Although what they say they want has begun to appear, they are too caught up in the snares and residue from the past to be open to receiving it.  As a result, they sabatoge their own success.

Some people remain stuck on the first step and get frustrated with all of the negative encounters they have, yet they can’t understand how they are responsible for attracting what they continue to experience.  

Many get stuck on the second step because they don’t know how to align themselves and become a vibrational match with what they want.

Most never realize that they’re hindering their own progress and they are not actually ready or capable of receiving what they say they want to attract.  

Growth is a process.   It’s about learning the lessons of our life experiences and humbling ourselves enough to admit our mistakes, take ownership of our shortcomings, and accept our past for who it has shaped us to become.

Manifestation requires growth and evolution.  It’s more than exerting massive effort, concentration, and repeatedly trying to force an ideal situation to unfold. 

In order to manifest on a higher level, we must first grow to a higher level of consciousness.

Are you ready to receive what you want?

Balancing Contrast.

​How do we remain high when so many things around us are low?
That doesn’t mean stop caring.  It just means don’t embrace the negativity as a part of our beings.
There are levels of consciousness.
First, we become aware of the truth behind the lies.
Next, we release our old mental programs and re-evaluate the origins of our belief systems.
Lastly, we must step out of ego and listen to Divine Wisdom as we heal and move forward.
Many people skip this last step and become entrenched with the negativity that surrounds them.  Before long, their ego is intensified by fear and anger.
Their chakras get out of balance, and they become overwhelmed with the chaos and confusion bombarding this physical realm.
We speak of our ancestors, but how many of us listen to their guidance?
They are observing our struggles from a higher demension.  They will tell us the way to peace, if we would only listen.  They have been through much worse than we are facing now.  They know from experience exactly what we need to do to overcome the barriers we face.  They know that most of what paralyzes and restricts us, is only an illusion. We have insurmountable power flowing through our etheric and physical bodies.  
We have the ability to transmute energy from negative to positive.  Fear into love.  War into peace. We don’t believe it, but only because we aren’t listening….
Our ancestors are within us.  

As is the Divine.  
Know Thyself.
Change the World.

Isis, The Seer.

I see you-
In a flash
Your whole life
With a glance
The longer I look
The more I see
Then I start to feel-
All that lies beneath

I see you
At your core
Everything you are
But so much more
Your Higher Self
Buried underneath
So many layers
Looking back at me

Your subconscious
Looms overhead
Things you’ve forgotten
And don’t want to admit
They shoot off quickly
One by one
For you to hear them
Might not be fun

You’ve been hiding
For way too long
The Divine wants you
To let it all out
Move in freedom
Operate in your gifts
But how can you,
If you don’t know they exist?

My assignment-
Is to free your Soul
To tell you the things
You don’t want to know
Wrapped around you
Like handcuffs on your wrists
God gave me the key
To unlock what IS

The Truth
Shall set you free,
And the Truth
Is what I see
You can deny
You may try to resist
You can be arrogant
Or become defensive

Whatever the case
Truth has been revealed
That’s all it takes
For you to see yourself
Although you may not
See yourself at first
It’s only because
The Truth can hurt

There’s something more
A dark entity within
That doesn’t want to let go
Confining your freedom
Like tape on a hostage
It binds your Spirit
By controlling your subconscious

Like Holy water
On a demon,
It tries to attack
But runs away screaming
When I share my vision
The Truth is the Light
In its presence
No darkness can hide

This talk of paranormal
Makes others around me fear
Concerned for my safety
Like I don’t know what I’m dealing with
But the Creator has taught me
And dwells within my heart
Hold the entity in love
And watch it fall apart

If I listen to them
And instead become afraid
It will only gain momentum
And continue to reign
Manipulating your thoughts
Dictating your emotions
The entity will become you
And you will doubt its existence

You are my Osiris-
Your remnants have been scattered
As the Goddess of Love
I spread my wings and gather
All the pieces of your Soul
That Set tried to destroy
And acknowledge all the sadness
Set felt when he was a boy

Allowing him to be-
Yet not allowing him to enter
The realm of the Divine
Which I hold at my Center
His power is diminished
He cannot operate in love
I focus on your remnants
And hold them up above

I call out to the Spirits
Of all that is Holy
Invoking them individually
Asking them to control me
“Angles, Archangels
And all the Ascended Masters,
I call upon you now
Spirit Guides and Ancestors

I see what has been shattered
Deep within this Soul
Please Father, help me
To magically restore
Long enough to birth another
Version of this Truth
Please Father, help me
As I bring this Soul to You

I am Isis-
Your Chosen Protector
With Love and Magic
I am the Healer You selected
Ma’at fuels my Sight
Allowing me to see the Truth
You gave me these gifts
And now I honor You

I come to You now
Thanking You for Your wisdom
Which flows through my being
As Divine intuition
Heal this Soul now
Restore peace where it was lost
Please let them hear me
When I share what I saw”


All has become well
You are free, you are clear
Everything now makes sense
Your pain was with purpose
You are able to explore
With a newfound confidence….

I just unlocked the door.

Isis, The Seer