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Love and Truth.


I’ve never wanted a relationship.  

I was always inspired by hermits.

I used to mail formal invites to my “break-up parties” that were held within a week of ending a relationship.

I used to have major panic attacks at weddings and bridal showers, so I stopped trying to go to them at all.  I knew people wouldn’t understand the anxiety I felt, so  I would just mail gift cards after the fact.

At weddings, when the couple recited the vows, I would see shackles and hear words of ownership being spoken. 

I had a panic attack halfway down the aisle of my own wedding and literally needed both of my parents to walk me.  They were whispering encouraging words, “Keep going.  You’re okay. “

My marriage became abusive within the first two years. 

I regretted forcing myself to do something that was clearly so unnatural for me.

I was excited to get divorced.  I didn’t have a party, but I have celebrated my freedom every day since he left. 

It’s  been four years since my divorce was final.  

I feel Whole.  Complete.  Healed.  Powerful.  Intuitive.  Devine.  Royal.  Precious.  Loveable.  Amazing. And Aligned with Spirit and Truth.

I don’t want to jeopardize any of that by adding another person to the equation who will interfere with the progress I’ve made.  

Some people can be needy.  Clingy.  Manipulative.  And unintentionally controlling.  I’m so in love with my personal growth and ascension journey, I have no interest in compromising that for the sake of a romantic relationship.  Time is an illusion and this may or may not be my last lifetime.  

Either way, I’m  enjoying my journey without a man so much that I don’t want a man if I can’t continue to grow and flourish as I have these past four years.  

I am so much better!  I want more! I am in LOVE with growing!!!  If he can’t pour into my soul, I don’t want him.  

If all he can do is focus on the physical aspects of me and things of this temporary, 3D realm, he’s not for me.  

“He” will be my King, not my student.

“He” will pour into my being, rather than deplete me.

“He” will show me with his actions that I am in great hands. 

“He” will not run from my truth.

“He” will empower me with his consistency and be patient as I allow myself to trust him.  

“He” will encourage me through his energetic vibration.

His higher self will speak to mine and say “Keep going.  You’re okay” …….

And I will believe “Him” and let myself love again. 

I won’t be “His” and “He” won’t be mine, 

We will simply just  “Be” together in love. 💖




How loudly must we cry in order to be heard?

How bad does it have to get before we are understood?

If I have a flashback and cry in class

All you do after everyone laughs

Is tell me: 


I wish you would take me to the side

Give me some tissue for my eyes,

Maybe a hug would be good 

If you sincerely felt like you should.

But instead, you just tell me:


What am I supposed to do?

Who am I supposed to go to?

I am the voice of those unheard

Those who have had their dreams deferred.

Parents who are stressed

Teachers who are overwhelmed

Children with arms outstretched

Longing to be rescued.

We can’t forget how we 

got here so how can we:


From sitting in the desk

To now standing behind it

A single parent of two little ones

No words can describe this

Feeling of fear and despair

Yet hopeful determination.

We are resilient.

We are creative. 

But we need our next generation!

Only in love and unity will we:


We don’t have a choice

I wish more would raise their voice

Rather than suffer in silence

Trying to keep their faces fixed

I wish less would talk and more would listen

It would completely change their disposition.

If they could hear our ancestors guide us

They wouldn’t just lead, but they would help us survive this.

Then we could:


One thing I’ve learned in life

Is we can’t depend on someone else’s dime

We must rise to our feet

Brush the dust off our sleeves.

Sit still in meditation,

And follow our intuition

We must fill ourselves with love

Overflowing with power from above

Grab the hands of our neighbors 

Lift them up in praises

And together let us all say:


The Art Of Letting Go.

How do you deal with rejection?

How do you deal with the disappointment of a hopeful romance that ends before it starts?

What about a long-term relationship that ends suddenly?

Or a marriage that dies long before it is legally terminated?

After many let downs over the course of my lifetime, I have developed a coping strategy that has helped me bounce back like a rubber band every time:

1. Detach.  

2. Release.  

3. Reflect. 

4. Learn. 

5. Align. 

6. Ascend.

1. Detach what you want to experience in an ideal relationship from being assigned to any specific person.

2. Release the ideas, desires, and any expectations you had about that particular person or relationship.  They are no longer serving your highest good.

3. Reflect on your experience within the relationship, honestly.  Don’t fluff it up to appear to be something it never was.  

4. Learn the lessons that this experience is trying to teach you about yourself.

5. Align with the Divine source energy of the Most High flowing within you.  

6. Ascend to a new level of overstanding and show appreciation for the opportunity to grow.

No one is perfect.  

We all have flaws.  

Forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made and love yourself in spite of your flaws, even if the other person didn’t.  

You are a beautiful being that was created deliberately and given an intended purpose.  

You are valuable.

You are exquisite.

Just the way you are!

Love yourself, and others will be drawn to you.

Now, simply let go….and walk away.

You cannot receive your blessings when your hands are filled with pain.

Spiritual Warriors.

We are the front liners.
We fight differently than you think.
We fight the unseen.
We fight for you to be free.

It frightens you.
You don’t want to admit it.
You try to switch it around.
You say that we’re just tripping.

We see you.
We feel you.
We experience all that you have,
Whenever we are near you.

You try to hide.
You can’t in our presence.
You try to run.
But we can heal you in your absence.

We don’t talk.
We don’t “do” something to convince you.
We let you go.
We fight for you, in the distance.

You are angry.
You are afraid.
You are anxious.
You are away from us.

We know what to do.
We go into ritual.
We pray and send love.
We remove negative entities.

You don’t understand.
You need some evidence.
You argue and debate.
But you are the evidence.

We don’t say a word.
We show you yourself.
Our weapons are invisible.
Our only motive is love.

Spiritual Warriors


When we shine a light in the darkness, does it not make visible that which once was hard to see?

Does light not show us the flaws and dirt that we would otherwise miss in the darkness?

Do we clean our houses with the lights off?

If we add dark to existing darkness, does it suddenly become light?

So how can we fight anger with anger?
Murder with more killing?
Injustice by being unjust?

When superheros battle, do they use the same weapon that their opponent is using, or do they use what works best for them?

If we are the “Light of the world”, then why do we find it so difficult to shine in dark times?

Whatever happened to “This little light of mine- I’m gonna let it shine!….🎶“?

How did our lights fade and then we began to blame the system for snuffing them out?

The system may be a root of the darkness, but it is only a portion of the darkness we are submerged in.

However, when we add a candle to a room that is immersed in darkness, does it not become….lit?

If we are all showing our best to each other with how we treat one another, using our gifts to purposefully assist others or the world as a whole, giving cheerfully to those who need it, and just trying to be an overall better, kinder, and happier person from one day to the next…..would not the darkness become light?

Don’t let your flame get snuffed out just because the room became darker than it already was.

That’s your cue to shine brighter, and keep shining!

Now, fix your face and go on….

You’ve got work to do! 🙂




We wait in anticipation
among others,
asking for permission to be heard, hoping to gain approval and acceptance.
Our ultimate goal being
for someone else to determine our worth and decide what we are capable of doing or not doing.

Why do we belittle ourselves by playing “this” game?

We spread ourselves thin for barely anything in return.

We stress.
We toil.
We labor, endlessly.

To avoid boredom and depression, we look for joyful moments and relish in the sense of satisfaction we gain from doing what we have been trained, hired, and told to do.

Meanwhile, we are crossing our fingers that our contracts get renewed and our compensation is enough to meet our needs, and hopefully some of our wants.

Why do we limit ourselves to “this”?

We’ve been taught that “this” is the only way to do life.
The only smart way to play the game. But why?

What is it the shot-callers don’t want us to know?

Most of the successful and prosperous people we look up to have a few commonalities:

They are not people you dangle breadcrumbs in front of and wait for them to display their gammit of tricks for however many nibbles you decide they should get.

They are people that proudly say what they will do, who they will do it with, and what they require for compensation, supplies, and accommodations in order to get it done.

Their biographies are not dramatically different from most of our own.

They know who they are.
They know why they are here.
They walk in their truth fearlessly.
They look to no man for approval or guidance.
They believe these are things that can only come from within.

The more we expand in consciousness, the more confined we begin to feel.

Our once comfortably small pond becomes a pet store to-go bag.
We may move from place to place, but the clear walls of limitation exist all around us, wherever we go.

We can’t swim freely unless we are released, escape, or die.

Sounds too much like a history we were told was in our past.
Yet, when you simplify it all, the question naturally arises:

What is the name of “this” game exactly?

The truth is, we can’t win the game until we remove ourselves from it.

We have to elevate to a place of operating in our spiritual identity within our physical form.
We will never fulfill our purpose if we are only focused on our physical existence.

When we seek outwardly for guidance or approval, and view life from an external perspective, we immediately surrender all of our power to those currently controlling us.

When we are driven from the Divine power within, we find all the answers and direction we need when we sit in the silence.

No one can remove the Source of our power, or our ability to quiet the mind and listen for instructions.

Therefore, let us all say:

Isis Ma'at's photo.

White Picket Fence

I’ve never understood the fascination with the white picket fence.
Perfect on the outside trapped on the inside,
I guess you never know until you’ve lived it.
As a child of a white picket fence family, parents married for 13 years, father a principal and mother a teacher-
what the world didn’t know was that he used to beat her.
Well respected and admired his co-workers and friends were none the wiser, but eventually she grew tired… and we left.
At the age of 3, it was my idea. “Mommy we can get our own place”, is what I said.
She was only staying for me,
so the next day she packed up to leave.
It was that day that I learned, everything ain’t what it seem.
A white picket fence is much more than a dream.

As I got older, I watched and observed.
I learned so many lessons without ever being hurt.
I saw my friends broken up and confused.
I paid attention to what not to do.
I studied the men and watched them give in.
And just like the women, they were broken hearted.
Someone cheated, got crazy, or lied too many times.
Either way it went, the white picket fence dream was never mine.
I avoided it like the plague, “I’m straight on heartbreak”.
I convinced myself I had issues. I was too afraid for my own good.
I decided to face my fears head on and open up my heart to one. My biggest fear was realized when one day 6 years later I opened my eyes… I was trapped in the same white picket fence I grew up in.
I remember thinking only one thing for about a year straight, how did I get here?
This life was not mine.
I don’t even know how it snuck in.
I played by the book – I took my time in the beginning.
We got to know each other’s family.
We went to church and praised the Lord.
The wedding was amazing, I couldn’t ask for more.
Shortly after, my freedom was lost.
No family time, no more mother-daughter talks.
I was his and only his – never to step away.
My white picket fence slowly became my barricade.
As soon as I woke up and saw the situation I was in, I quickly put him out and simply kept it moving.

I’m not bitter, I’m just wiser. People wear so many disguises. How can I filter through the muck, if I’m not really in touch – with the Creator that dwells inside of me.
My spiritual gifts have become my weapons.
My top-secret, classified possessions.
Showing me what’s coming, before it comes my way.
I love without expectation, for each man has his own will.
I know my worth and what I deserve, and I’m not afraid to admit that to the Universe.
The man who chooses me, must first of all be complete.
We don’t need each other, we just want each other.
Not for security, but for comfort.
He’s loyal because he wants me. He’d never hurt me intentionally, because he wants to keep me.
But above all else, he must let me live free.

No fences in my yard.

White Picket Fence