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Heaven and Hell

I don’t believe that “hell” or “the devil” are outside of ourselves. I believe that these are mental constructs that we have been conditioned to believe in order for those in power to keep the masses suppressed and controlled through guilt and fear.

I believe that “hell” is the act of continuously embracing our negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, while welcoming the circumstances that go along with them as our doomed reality.

I don’t believe that the “devil” is a separate entity trying to hinder our positive progress, but rather the physical evidence of our spiritual misalignment.

When we try to force things that are out of alignment with our divine purpose or the destiny that we should be honoring, life gets hard. If we consistently try to force our ego-filled agenda instead of listening to the God-force within us, we tend to have conflict and contrast frequently. Blaming this on the interference of an external entity prevents our spiritual growth. The only way to grow is to take accountability for our thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, and energetic vibration.

Speaking of the “devil” as if there is some evil monster that we are constantly battling and is trying to sabotage every productive move we make, is counterintuitive. The idea of a big, bad, ugly, and scary entity with supernatural power creates subconscious fear and a victim mentality, thereby diminishing our ability to create, love, and heal. No one is interfering with our progress except for us.

When we make moves out of ego and self-motivated impulsivity, we bump into contrast. When we name that contrast after an external opponent called “the devil”, we ignore our own responsibility and contribution to our circumstances. When we live in a state of perpetual fear and powerlessness, and focus solely on things that feed our low vibration, we are living in hell. However, if we listen for divine guidance before we make moves and show appreciation for things that raise our vibration… We experience Heaven on Earth.


​Eye Candy should be sweet…. Right?

Ever since I changed my perspective and chose to focus on what I want instead of what I don’t want, the only thing that shows up is what I want.  💯

Now, I repel BS instead of attracting it.  
I encourage you to STOP complaining about who isn’t doing what, who is messing up, and who isn’t measuring up to your standards. 
Instead, show some love and appreciation for the people that you’re not interested in, but are still good men/women.  They may not be perfect or meet all the requirements on your wish list, but the fact that you know them shows that good people still exist and you aren’t completely isolated on BS Island.
Whining, complaining, fussing, and nagging is not appealing or attractive….to most people.
Just think about it:
You walk into a club dressed your best, feeling good and sexy.  The vibe is right and the music is on point.  You have a friend as your side kick.  Everything is right.  You enter slowly and take it all in….then you notice Eye Candy at 2:00.  You glance, then watch, and try not to stare.  You work your way over and just as you’re about to approach, you overhear Eye Candy’s conversation with friends. Although it’s rude, ear hustling gives you pertinent information; Eye Candy is a grumpy Gus with a funky attitude!
Now the question is, do you really want to devote energy into trying to turn Eye Candy’s frown upside down, or would you rather keep browsing and  focus your attention on someone with a more pleasant demeanor?
Everyone wants to be Eye Candy, but every piece of Eye Candy doesn’t have to be a grumpy​ Gus.
Show your sweet side and you’ll attract everything sweet!  ❤🍯🐝🌟💫👑

Listening for Angels

Angels are always right there by your side to show you the next right move, confirm that you are on track, and keep you encouraged along the way.  They are here to assist EVERYONE, but you have to block out the noise in order to hear. 
You can’t be involved in petty comment threads on low vibrational posts, watching drama filled tv, and soaking in all the fake and manipulating news…..  
You can’t initiate or engage in negative conversations that will only result in lowering your vibration and someone​ else’s…..
Unless of course, you don’t want to hear them.  
Everyone has their own will and choices.  Your life can be a beautiful adventure full of angelic coaches and divine intervention keeping you on a smooth and speedy ascent like your own personal navigation system, or it can be complicated and stressful.  You can continue to do it all on your own, or you can surrender ego and allow the Divine force to flow through and assist you.
In order to hear, you have to raise your vibration. You have to open up your heart space and allow light in to your soul. You have to silence your inner chatter and allow Divine light to enter your crown and flow through your third eye and show you signs and messages in the most peculiar ways.
It’s not difficult, all you have to do is turn off the noise, and listen. 
But I guess for some, that’s the hard part.

“Black Consciousness” vs. Consciousness.

One day, I hope that all my “Black Conscious” friends realize that being angry is not really effectively raising the consciousness of this planet.  Yes, it is absolutely necessary that we have a true knowledge of Self.  Yes, we need to be aware of what has been and is still going on behind the history and systems of this physical world.  Yes, we do need to unify, build, and support each other in our socio-economic endeavors.  Yes, we need to rebuild our communities and create our own systems of education, finance, health, and commerce. 
But no, we do not need to expend our precious energy on hating those that have hated us for centuries.

On the contrary, we need to use our energy wisely and transmute the BS that is pushed our way. Instead of allowing our vibration to be manipulated and controlled by the systems we disagree with, we need to maintain our positive, and high vibes.  When we feel overwhelmed with anger, we need to transmute that negative energy into love and compassion for our people, our communities, and our world.  To love our enemies does not necessarily mean to like them.  It means to love the lessons learned, and to appreciate the strength and wisdom which have been passed down from generations of our ancestors through the intricacies of our DNA.  

Some of my most conscious brothers and sisters are so bitter and filled with hate, they don’t even realize how deeply  they are caught up into this web of a matrix and playing right into the hands of the oppressor.

Overstand this:  Wisdom is in our melanin.  Learn how to use it properly.  Nurture. Educate. Empower. But most importantly, LOVE. Everyone. Period.

To be conscious is to be intent on raising not just awareness, but also the vibration of this planet.  Why do you think we knew how to build pyramids in the first place?  I know you didn’t think they were actually just burial tombs. Lol

-Hotep ✌

​Growth vs. Manifestation.

When we encounter contrast, discord, or disappointment, we know right away what we don’t want to experience, and sometimes, in that instance, we also know what we do want instead. But how do we get from point A to B?  How do we go from  having unhealthy relationships to manifesting the love we need, want, and deserve?

First, we recognize what we don’t want. But if we keep thinking about it, we will only attract more of it.

Next, we identify what we do want.  But we must align ourselves energetically with what we desire, and focus only on the feeling of having it if we truly want to receive it. Then, that will be all we can attract.

Finally, we must do the internal work to be mentally and emotionally able to receive what we want.  If it is something we’ve never had or seen before, it may be difficult to do this. The majority of people stop short of completing this step.  Although what they say they want has begun to appear, they are too caught up in the snares and residue from the past to be open to receiving it.  As a result, they sabatoge their own success.

Some people remain stuck on the first step and get frustrated with all of the negative encounters they have, yet they can’t understand how they are responsible for attracting what they continue to experience.  

Many get stuck on the second step because they don’t know how to align themselves and become a vibrational match with what they want.

Most never realize that they’re hindering their own progress and they are not actually ready or capable of receiving what they say they want to attract.  

Growth is a process.   It’s about learning the lessons of our life experiences and humbling ourselves enough to admit our mistakes, take ownership of our shortcomings, and accept our past for who it has shaped us to become.

Manifestation requires growth and evolution.  It’s more than exerting massive effort, concentration, and repeatedly trying to force an ideal situation to unfold. 

In order to manifest on a higher level, we must first grow to a higher level of consciousness.

Are you ready to receive what you want?

The Art Of Letting Go.

How do you deal with rejection?

How do you deal with the disappointment of a hopeful romance that ends before it starts?

What about a long-term relationship that ends suddenly?

Or a marriage that dies long before it is legally terminated?

After many let downs over the course of my lifetime, I have developed a coping strategy that has helped me bounce back like a rubber band every time:

1. Detach.  

2. Release.  

3. Reflect. 

4. Learn. 

5. Align. 

6. Ascend.

1. Detach what you want to experience in an ideal relationship from being assigned to any specific person.

2. Release the ideas, desires, and any expectations you had about that particular person or relationship.  They are no longer serving your highest good.

3. Reflect on your experience within the relationship, honestly.  Don’t fluff it up to appear to be something it never was.  

4. Learn the lessons that this experience is trying to teach you about yourself.

5. Align with the Divine source energy of the Most High flowing within you.  

6. Ascend to a new level of overstanding and show appreciation for the opportunity to grow.

No one is perfect.  

We all have flaws.  

Forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made and love yourself in spite of your flaws, even if the other person didn’t.  

You are a beautiful being that was created deliberately and given an intended purpose.  

You are valuable.

You are exquisite.

Just the way you are!

Love yourself, and others will be drawn to you.

Now, simply let go….and walk away.

You cannot receive your blessings when your hands are filled with pain.

Meet Kate.

I saw Kate quite a few times before.   A couple weeks ago, I rolled down my window to talk to her. I didn’t have any cash on hand, but I could see that she was sincere and really needed help. She had a guitar in her backpack and I asked her if she was able to make money from singing and playing her guitar. She said she could, but it was broken. I started thinking about all of the musicians I know, and what avenues I could pursue to assist her.
Today I was driving and saw her again with her partner, Derek. I happened to have some cash on hand, so I pulled over into the Taco Bell parking lot and asked her to come to the car. I gave her $2. I asked her what she needed for her guitar so I could look into it. She went and got Derek to provide the details and write them down.
While we were talking, a Taco Bell employee came outside and started yelling at them to move away from my car and asking me if they were bothering me. It was such a disruption to the positive energy that was going on surrounding our conversation. Kate kept apologizing and asked if she was standing too close to me. I told her she was fine, and she’s a person too. That was rude and disrespectful.
While Derek was explaining to me how they ended up there and where they were trying to go, I saw something special within both of them. I asked them if they ever meditate. They both got silent. 

They stumbled for words to say and basically told me no, they didn’t know how. They said they pray and they both really enjoyed church. I told them, “when we pray, we’re talking to God, when we meditate, we are listening to God”.  I reminded them that they have the power to create and manifest anything it is that they want. If they ask Him to show them the next step they are supposed to take, He will. They just need to listen for the answer. I gave them some specific tips and Derek began to talk to me further about his interest in religious studies. Kate was dying to get inside Taco Bell and purchase one item for each of them from the dollar menu. I reached down and got a $20 bill so they could both eat and maybe eat again later.
We ended our conversation so they could get something to eat, and then Derek asked me, is there anything you would like me to pray for, for you? I said, “divine wisdom, to guide your steps”
He said he would ask the same for me.
I brought the information home that Derek had written down and called Guitar Center.  They need to have the guitar in order to get the pieces fitted.  
Now it’s my turn to listen.
Divine Wisdom.