I love you.

You don’t have to love me back.

My feelings are not predicated upon your reciprocation.

I’d much rather show you than tell you because I can tell you’ve been hurt before.

I want you to know without a doubt, before I ever utter the words for the first time, that I am sincere.

I mean what I say and if I didn’t mean it, I wouldn’t say it at all.

Actions speak louder than words.

Watch me compromise in order to accommodate,

Sacrifice in order to alleviate,

Persevere in the midst of resistance,

And consider you, even when it’s unnecessary for me to do so.

Watch me be stable, consistent, grounded, and unwavering.

Watch me, as I love you unconditionally.

Maybe then, you will believe…

I love you.


I See You…

I See You...

Many think they know me.

Most don’t know me at all.

Sharing with you is just as risky for me as it is for you listening to the truth I speak.

I am a Seer.

Ask me at your own risk,

“What is it that you see?”

I will respond with my disclaimer-

“You sure you’re ready for this?!?”

When you give me the green light, I plug myself in to Source.

I become the voice of vision…

I see what was, is, and what is likely to be.

I have no filter, for I must keep myself open for wisdom to flow freely from Spirit directly to you through me.

Some things are hard to share-

They are the things you don’t want to know,

The things you don’t want anyone else to know,

And the things you must confront in order to move forward.

They are also the things that have been holding you back-

Subliminal fears, pain, anger, and insecurities…

They are warnings of toxic people and unhealthy relationships.

This is why I cautioned you.

Just like treating a wound, it stings a bit at first, but shortly after, you are so happy you followed through.

A fog has been lifted.

You can now see ahead clearly.

I am your windshield.

The Seer.

What if…?

What if

What if one day the Creator was so full of love and light, S/he burst into a gazillion stars?

What if those stars were actually fragments of the Creator?

What if S/he was so full of love and light that it was too much to keep to Her/Himself?

What if S/he decided to allow each fragment to have a physical form and experience the abundance of life in the physical realm for a short time?

What if once physically separated, each fragment took on its own ability to create?

What if the fragments began to get so full of pride due to their ability to create, that they developed an Ego?

What if that Ego began to grow and fester becoming a threat to their connection with Source, the Creator?

What if they began to individually have their own internal tug of war between Ego and Source?

What if some fragments became so overwhelmed with Ego that they completely broke free from Source?

What if they began to question the need to be connected to Source at all?

What if they began to question whether or not Source even exists?

What if they disagreed about their own interpretations of Source, so much that they were no longer recognizable as fragments of the Divine Creator?

What if they began to criticize and ostracize each other over their various perceptions of Source?

What if they forgot where they came from and why?

What if they forgot that they were designed to enjoy this life in the physical realm and experience all the physical pleasure that it brings?

What if their Ego separated them so far from Source that they forgot they have the ability to create?

What if they forgot that they were fragments of the Divine Creator?

What if they became lost and confused?

What if some fragments became so stressed from being lost and confused they chose to go to sleep and pretend the internal tug of war between Ego and Source never occurred?

What if they became sleepwalkers, constantly in a state of sleep-induced oblivion?

What if other fragments never forgot their Source of origin?

What if these fragments remained aware of their purpose?

What if they used their ability to create to influence love and light in the physical realm and physical beings around them?

What if these fragments never worried about heaven vs. hell?

What if these fragments only focused on maintaining a clear connection with the Creator?

What if, in the process of maintaining that connection, these fragments became overwhelmed with appreciation?

What if they became so full of love and light that they reconnected  all the stars back to the Divine Creator?

What if, when the Creator initially burst into a gazillion stars…

We were those stars?

Happy New Year!

One very cloudy night a few weeks ago, I was overwhelmed with a sense of cluttered emotion. I was feeling so much energetic interference from the buildup of all the interactions with so many people in daily life, I felt like I just couldn’t get clear. I needed to connect with Source…

I went outside in search of the moon, my go-to method. I could see nothing. The sky was pitch black and full of thick clouds. I didn’t even see a hole in the clouds to get a peek of moonlight.

Feeling lost, unusually stressed, and strangely bogged down with irritation, I bowed my head in desperation. I was urgently seeking the Divine. I needed clarity, peace, and calmness to come straight from the heavens and pour down upon me.

I began to weep as I pleaded with the Creator to just give me a quick glimpse of His/Her pure love and light. The clouds were too symbolic of the negative emotions clouding my spiritual vision. Just then, I heard that familiar still voice tell me to lift my head and open my eyes. The clouds had parted and this is what I saw….

Happy New Year!

I don’t need a man-made “New Year’s Eve/Day” to start a new chapter in my life and gain a fresh start.

I can reset, recharge, and reconnect with the flow of the Universe whenever I like. The love and light of the Divine Creator pours directly through me to gently graze all beings in my path as I move onward in pursuit of my God-given purpose.

There is no need for a “New Year’s resolution, when my spiritual alignment is in sync with celestial alignment and I am bound to grow and evolve positively because I can only move in one direction- forward.

There is no need to wait for a designated day on a man-made calendar for a fresh start…

All I have to do is look up and open my eyes.

All that I need, I already have.



I Am A Queen.

I Am A Queen.

Others may cross your path, but there will never be another quite like me.

I am irreplaceable…

You may try to overlook the affect I have on you, but you are only denying yourself the privilege of experiencing total bliss by resisting.

I soothe you.

I support you.

I nurture you.

I enhance you.

I inspire you to become the greatest version of yourself….

Without even touching you.

I am your link to the spirit world; for life transcends from the spirit realm to the physical, only through my womb.

When you are physically inside me, you have no escape from being enveloped by my soul…

When you look into my eyes, you are gently forced to take an honest look at the man you are.

Are you a King?

I deserve nothing less.

You may try to avoid the intensity you feel with me by drowning yourself in work or dabbling with other women,

But my light is steady.

The more space and time we have between us, the more I grow, and the more captivated you become.

My love is effortless.

Its impact is boundless.

I silently expose your fears, regrets, and insecurities so that you may address your weaknesses head-on.

I will not allow you to be held captive or handicapped by negativity, for I treat you as the King I see within you.

Therefore, I protect you.

I eagerly submit to your leadership.

I am honest.




And I do not manipulate you or play with your emotions….

Nor will I tolerate you playing with mine.

I am exquisite.

A sublime delicacy.

Never to be forgotten.

Impossible to ignore.

Take as long as you need to absorb and try to figure it all out.

You won’t.

It will never make sense until you recognize the magnificence of my power.

I Am A Queen.


USA dot to dot 


We’re all connected by gunshots.

Your brother, his cousin, my student, her friend,

He was important and we will all miss him.

I know you’re mad, but just wait-

You are still here, and you know what’s right.

You have your whole life ahead

I can’t let you forget.

You want to be a doctor

And you’re really good at soccer.

I know what ‘hood rules say,

But that will just get you locked away.

Then we would all be missing two

Of the most remarkable dudes.

I heard the shots too.

What did I do?

I hit the floor, just like you

At least, that’s what I assume.

No matter how much I don’t flinch

I still get scared when

They sound too close to my comfort

Or I can see the spark like a starburst.

I don’t know how it is

They could be so foolish

To blame this all on you

I mean really, what could you do?

You are but a child yourself

They are adults doing this mess.

Killing our economy,

Forcing you into poverty,

Then throwing out some red tape,

Just to make you hesitate

In trying to be your best.

So you start to second guess

Everything you once thought you could be.

You are doubting your dreams.

Now you don’t believe in you,

What else is there to do?

If I hadn’t been there before,

I’d be a stranger at your door.

I wouldn’t know what to say,

Thank God for all my heartache!

The political system is full of flaws,

But controls the most delicate system of them all.

We trust our children’s futures

To be guided expenditures.

“How much is each one worth?”

Sounds eerily familiar…

We don’t trust the water,

But we trust our leaders?

Even though we have evidence

And a few witnesses

We still can’t get them to see the truth.

They are the dots that connect me and you.

They take money from our schools,

While demanding me to do more.

Putting you in the middle

Of an economic war.

A battle between forces

One side unheard-

The other side bullying

Whenever they have a turn.

We give them an opportunity

To be forthright and upstanding

But every time, it never fails

They are standing back laughing.

Watching us scramble

Trying to get enough votes

All the while, the system has effectively-

Demolished all hope.

I am supposed to be the dot

That leads you to a way out,

But when I look at the big picture,

We are just pawns in this venture.

Freedom is an illusion

Disguised in confusion

Causing all of us to work for their goals.

Our households are scarred

From them going too far

Hitting below the belt

Dividing family units

Putting dads behind bars

Or worse, killing our sons.

Dot- to-dot

We are all connected by gunshots.

beaded flag


Option #5

5 stars

For some reason, we have been conditioned to believe that we are supposed to look for our #1:  our “other half”, “media naranja”, one-and-only.  Meanwhile, those of us that are spiritual are taught to “keep God first”.  As a child, we learn that our “parents are most important”.  As we become older, we learn that “school and/or work are the most important priorities.  If we have children, they trump all.  When we mature into adulthood, we learn the urgency of diligent self-care.  After all, “if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of anyone else”.  Sometimes, it seems like we are not quite aware that all of these significant entities are competing for the same position in our lives.  Everyone and everything is often equally important.

How is it then, that we work so hard on a quest to find our “one true love”, when we are responsible for loving and attending to so many?  Doesn’t it seem like common sense to simply remove the pressure?  By calling it what it is, we can quickly come to terms with the fact that we will never be anyone’s number one.  They will never be our number one either.  Each moment in life bends and flexes in order for us to tend to the most important people, circumstances, or obligations as they arise.  For example, if we have an important project at work with a tight deadline to boot, we are likely to make arrangements to secure the other details of our life while we complete our professional responsibility.  If we are already in the midst of that project when we learn that our parents or children are in a life threatening emergency, we take our laptop to the hospital and do what we have to do.


So many women try so hard to be #1, when it is nearly impossible to reach that status.  She does everything in her power to get a man to lock on to her and claim her as his own.  She wants to be the first person he thinks about in the morning and the last thought on his mind as he drifts off to sleep.  However, the reality is, he has much more going on in his world besides her.  If he doesn’t, there may be some other unhealthy issues to emerge, but that is a different blog topic.  This contradiction between what has been taught to be achieved and what is realistically attainable, can make for a conflicting vision of what love really looks like.

Most often, when we are looking for a partner, lover, or spouse, we look for someone with similar beliefs to our own.  Incidentally, we tend to date people who have a similar set of priorities.  Therefore , if we were to call someone we are dating and their voicemail had menu options for what’s most important to them, it may sound something like this:

Thank you for calling ___________________(insert name).  We appreciate your loyalty and dedication to his/her emotional wellbeing.  Please select from the following menu options to help us better direct you to the appropriate level of concern:

           Option  #1 is reserved for God.

           If you are his/her inner self and you need self-care, press #2

           If you are his/her child or other family member, please press #3

           If an employer, please press #4

           For boyfriends, girlfriends, or spouses, please press #5. 

           For all others, please wait until you are notified of your significance and position before assuming your authority and influence is greater than it actually is.  You will be contacted once the determination of your relevance is established.   



If this was what a man’s mailbox sounded like when she called, I wonder if she would continue to try so hard to be #1.  The truth is, people are only #1, while they are #1.  As soon as something more important comes up, that something more important takes first place until it is resolved.

In contrast, if she understands the reality that is the human tendency, she is not offended by being fifth on the list.  Instead, she respects the fact that he has numbers 1-4 in place so securely.  She also realizes it is unnecessary to bust her tail, just to be in fifth place.  She can drop the added pressure and just be herself while she works on her own numbers 1-4; appreciating when her number is called and it is, without a doubt, her turn to be first.


priorities not important

The TRUTH about love, sex, relationships, education and politics- NOT for the sensitive or fragile.