Dear Haters… (a love letter)

A love letter

Dear Haters,

I just wanted to take the time to show you a little love.  After all, when the drama is stripped away, that’s all you really want anyway.

I apologize for the inconvenience my self-confidence has caused you in overcoming your battle with insecurity.  However, I will never apologize for loving myself enough for you to see my internal devotion radiate through my aura.

You haven’t said much, some of you nothing at all. But I see you and your thoughts.  I feel your vibration filled with hate and negativity.

I avoid you.  Not because you throw me off, but because I’m in my zone of productivity and you are no different than road construction on the highway.  I’m certainly going to get where I want to be, I’d just rather not feel your attention seeking, annoyingly bright orange barrels all up in my space.

When I’ve felt you in the past, I did my best to ignore you.  You don’t matter, so I shouldn’t waste my energy thinking about you.  Then I became more spiritually attuned.  I can feel you from a much greater distance…

Good for me, bad for you.

     Now, I send pure, sweet, unconditional love to you whenever I feel you hating on me.  It allows me to stay in my zone of positive productivity without letting your vibration get too close.

I decided that since you are struggling with self-love, I would write you a lengthy love letter.

You are valuable.  You have everything inside of you to be and do everything you want to do in life.  What’s meant for you is yours and no one can ever steal your purpose nor potential from you.

If you weren’t so angry with me for understanding and exhibiting this consistently in my daily life, I would probably be nice enough to encourage you face to face.

I know you will hate me even more for my willingness to love you on purpose.  I’m sure you will proclaim that I should just continue to ignore you.  But truth be told, that would only perpetuate your problem.

I figure since you clearly hate me because you lack love for yourself, I would offer you some much needed love and attention.

If you need more, just look in the mirror and say the following:

“The person I hate finds me so lovable that she wrote this extremely long love letter especially for me!”

     Start there, by simply reciting my words of love for you.  My hope is that you might eventually create your own loving words for yourself and learn how draining and pointless negative energy is.

I hope you see that hating me is a waste of your time because I will only love you back!

     Have a great day.  Hugs!

love-letter envelope


Don’t force the flow…


spiritual alignment

Once your chakras are ignited, you can’t allow just anyone to enter your space.

That open portal between you and the Divine is much too sacred to be tampered with.

Your energy will force them out before they can ever get close in order to protect you.

When you want someone, but they don’t want you back

Don’t force it-

It’s probably better for you if you don’t have them at all.

Don’t consider it a loss.

In the midst of your total alignment, you will become bombarded with new ideas and impulses.

As you move forward following these urges, you will see clear pathways open up and mind blowing opportunities created.

Function in this celebratory space, giving praise for everything you see and feel coming your way.

Relax and watch everything you want be drawn to you like a magnet…even someone more fitting, that actually wants you back.

3D vs. 5D


5d vs 3d

3D is short for the 3rd Dimension, which is everything in the physical realm:

This is where you experience the circumstances and people that can lead to negative emotions and low-vibrational energy (meaning it’s difficult to attract what we want). It’s easy to get caught up in what we see and lose focus on what we want and where we are headed here. We bump into people that provoke us and cause us to get distracted with the circumstances we encounter in the physical realm.

5D is short for the 5th Dimension, meaning fully tapped in and aligned with the Spirit of God:

Allowing constant direct communication with the Divine Creator.  Being led through every step of every day. Checking in before making even the smallest of life’s decisions, and allowing certain people into our space. Deliberately shifting our energy when we feel a threat of low-vibration energy approaching. Only positive emotions and positive results can emerge from this realm. The details of history, tradition, and doctrine are not a part of this equation. The personal relationship with Source energy that develops is so genuine and definitive of unconditional love, nothing shakes our ability to find all the answers exactly when we need them. Most of what we do, we can’t explain and often it sounds or looks crazy to those that dwell in 3D. This realm is about continuous ascension and growth. It’s exciting, fun, high-vibration (meaning it’s easy to attract exactly what we want), and cannot occur unless we are intentionally awake and willing to receive and walk in total abundance, regardless of what we see in 3D.

I am totally done with 3D. It’s stressful, exhausting, and anxiety-filled.

I’m having a blast on my 3D fast….so much that, I’m not going back!

My Special Place

My Special Place

Out of desperation, I arrive.

Almost in a panic.

I need to reconnect!

I must realign!

The most effective way is to be in the presence of Source Energy.

Not still nature, but flowing waters and gentle breezes.

Under traveling clouds, varying beams of sunlight, and a myriad of natural sounds.

Wrapped in the arms of the Universe, I feel peace, clarity, certainty, optimism, and joy.

Abundance is surreal in the Creator’s embrace.

Seeing all the pieces of life’s puzzle and witnessing the harmonious coexistence of creation, sets me free…

From fear, doubt, and anxiety.

Suddenly, I’m calm.


I can visibly see my place in the rhythm of Life’s Orchestra.

As I tune my frequency to focus on the appreciation of all that surrounds me, my breath becomes in sync with the breeze and current.

The leaves, birds, and even the insects move through the wind flowing to the same tempo.

When I come here, I remember why I exist:

I am simply supposed to love…
All that is.

Follow what feels good and appreciate all that is present, along the way.

Trust that my Source will always lead me in the best direction I should go and provide all my needs and wants as long as I allow myself to freely receive.

Now I am clear.

I may go forth and continue to live life…in 5D.


Top 10 Joys of Being Single

Joy of being Single


  1. Things stay where you leave them.


  1. You can feel free to release gas whenever, however, and wherever you are in the house without offending someone else.


  1. There is less mess to clean, laundry to do, the grocery and utility bills are cheaper.


  1. Your shopping lists consist of things YOU want to buy.


  1. You have room to flip around as much as you want in bed.


  1. You don’t have to share the remote, your food, or more importantly, your money.


  1. You get to plan your whole day, every day, without feeling guilty for not considering or including someone else.


  1. You control the energy and mood of your environment without interference.


  1. Your personal goals can remain personal.


  1. You can enjoy life without having to tolerate anyone’s crap!  You can simply stop calling/answering without providing any explanation, should the need arise. ✌

I’m not totally against relationships.  I’m just pointing out that life is still awesome without them. J


Cosmic Love

The further you are, the closer I feel to you.

Our connection is not based on the physical, so it only makes sense.

Therefore, 3D rules and protocol do not apply.

I am me.

You are you.

Without you doing you, I would not be continuously inspired to keep doing me.

Not for you, but for me.

By appreciating and valuing you, I inadvertently become a better me.

I progress in the directions I am aiming.

It feels effortless.

Mainly because you are supporting my growth every step of the way in spirit, but also because you are away from me physically and I have the freedom to blossom.

While 3D is temporary, 5D is ever present. You can be you wherever you are, with whomever you’re with.

Your energy flows to the core of my being.

I feel you.

I see you.

And when I focus intently, you are with me…whenever I want you to be, doing whatever it is I want to do with you.

We don’t need to talk.

We don’t need a title to “make it official”.

We don’t even need to see each other; but when we do, it is exhilarating for both of us.

I am here…

So filled with unconditional love, I am radiating from the inside out.

Love that has grown and been cultivated through my experiences of dealing with you,

just being you.

Cosmic Love

What’s your preference?

finger pointing at the chosen woman for the job

I’d much rather be someone’s preference than obligation.

That way, when he’s with me it’s because he wants to be, instead of because he is expected to be.

If he enjoys being with me so much that he decides he prefers me over others, he may prefer to have a committed relationship.

If that’s the case, the conversation will arise because he preferred to bring it up, not because he was expected to answer a question or was given a demanding timeframe or ultimatum.

I prefer to be hand-picked.


If you don’t prefer me, you don’t really want me.

You just think you do.

The TRUTH about love, sex, relationships, education and politics- NOT for the sensitive or fragile.