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How loudly must we cry in order to be heard?

How bad does it have to get before we are understood?

If I have a flashback and cry in class

All you do after everyone laughs

Is tell me: 


I wish you would take me to the side

Give me some tissue for my eyes,

Maybe a hug would be good 

If you sincerely felt like you should.

But instead, you just tell me:


What am I supposed to do?

Who am I supposed to go to?

I am the voice of those unheard

Those who have had their dreams deferred.

Parents who are stressed

Teachers who are overwhelmed

Children with arms outstretched

Longing to be rescued.

We can’t forget how we 

got here so how can we:


From sitting in the desk

To now standing behind it

A single parent of two little ones

No words can describe this

Feeling of fear and despair

Yet hopeful determination.

We are resilient.

We are creative. 

But we need our next generation!

Only in love and unity will we:


We don’t have a choice

I wish more would raise their voice

Rather than suffer in silence

Trying to keep their faces fixed

I wish less would talk and more would listen

It would completely change their disposition.

If they could hear our ancestors guide us

They wouldn’t just lead, but they would help us survive this.

Then we could:


One thing I’ve learned in life

Is we can’t depend on someone else’s dime

We must rise to our feet

Brush the dust off our sleeves.

Sit still in meditation,

And follow our intuition

We must fill ourselves with love

Overflowing with power from above

Grab the hands of our neighbors 

Lift them up in praises

And together let us all say:



Only Love Lives Here!

This work week has been very interesting.  Monday was rough!  VERY rough!  I literally wanted to go to my car and never return! 💯 
As a result, Tuesday was more emotional than usual due to the retrograde of 5 planets last month and the full moon in Scorpio this week. But God always knows what we need at just the right time.  He sent me three students that I love me and they also love me back.  They are awake and hungry for conscious wisdom.  They asked how I was doing and if I was okay when they sensed something bothering me.  Instead of being “strong”, I decided to share so I told them the truth-
How I get so frustrated coming to work and being trapped in a room with people that are consistently disrespecting me.

How mad it makes me that they get little to no discipline from admin and they act up more because they know they can get away with mostly everything. 

How much it hurts that I care about most of my students more than they care about themselves.

How angry I am that I have to fight just to do my job.

How irritating it is to force-feed knowledge to students who act like they are anti-education.

How helpless I feel in this system that is committed to overlooking the real needs of students by forcing me to overtest them and restrict their physical and creative energy.

I told them how painful it is to see the future of every student..Including the poor choices they make and the regrets they will have for not listening to me. 

How irritating it is to have my family and co-workers make lame justifications for all of the bs I go through and tell me to just suck it up and because I’m “strong”.

They understood.

I said I needed to clear out the negative energy in my room and fill it up with positivity and  love.

They said they wanted to help.

I let them.

One covered the window on the door. 

Another opened the window.

I made a crystal grid on the center table of my room.

We sat around it at the table and meditated together for a couple minutes.

I instructed them to pull up beautiful thoughts and see everyone being good and feeling calm, loved, and safe. 

While in that space, I asked them to say,

“Only love lives here”.
I got up and lit a tiny piece of sage and cleansed the room and furniture. 

I shooed the negative energy out of the window.

Then I infused healing energy into each student’s desk.

I sat back down with them and we held love in our hearts together.  I told them to fill the room, then the school with a beautiful healing green light of loving energy.

When we finished, I left the crystals there and told them not to let anyone touch them.  

When my afternoon classes came in, I moved the crystals to my desk and decided to take my students outside for some fun team building activities and connect it to a lesson around being proactive vs. reactive.
Twice this week, a student with severe ADHD took the initiative to ask me if he could meditate in my room to help him be calm and prevent himself from getting in trouble.

I asked if he wanted guided or just music.  He preferred a guided meditation.  I shared my meditation oil with him and sat on my beanbag to join him.

I’m an empath as well, so I could feel him as if his body was mine.  I allowed the feelings of jittery distraction and anxiety run through my body…. Then I breathed.  I inhaled his energy and exhaled all the busyness that is no longer serving him.  I could see his life and the stress he feels.  How he is basically on his own…  

Then, I got downloads!  I made a green smoothie for myself this morning.  I was instructed to share it with him.  “Let him taste it and feel how good it makes him feel”.  I was told to talk to him about his diet and how to manage his energy through God’s food and meditation.

Then, suddenly, I felt him feeling calm and relaxed. 

We opened our eyes and  I obeyed my orders.  I got him a cup and poured some of my smoothie in it. He liked it. I told him how to make it. I told him what foods to avaoid and what to eat more of.  

While walking him back to class, I got another instruction:

 “Make him an obsidian chakra balancing bracelet this weekend.”  
I don’t know how to define what I do.  I’m labeled a “teacher”, but it doesn’t seem like I’m teaching anything academic that will be on these standardized tests.  

However, it feels like what happens in my room is sacred and life changing….when I can get through.

I don’t exactly know where I’m headed, but I do know I’m being led.  Instead of stressing trying to figure it out, all I must do is obey.

For now, it looks like this teacher has some homework for the weekend.  

Letting go of 3D…. For good!

We are programmed to function and operate in only 3D from birth.  Mostly everything we encounter in our physical, social, economic, educational, and religious experience teaches us and molds us to sustain a 3D existence.  This is due to the needs of the capitalist economy we were born into and the matrix created to fulfill those needs.  As we become enlightened, and eventually awake, we move from 3D to 5D.  We can only make this move by releasing all of those things we were taught and conditioned to believe we “NEED” in 3D. 

 Most of these “needs” are so deeply embedded in our subconscious minds, that we don’t even realize that we are holding on to thoughts and routines that are no longer serving us.  It can be scary to literally disrupt the foundation of our physical existence….on purpose, by letting go of the things we have been taught since our formative years (I need a job to earn money.  I need money to survive.  I need a spouse or children to fulfill my purpose for being created). However, by gradually defining the basis of our own lives, and deciding what WE truly believe, want, and need, we evolve into beings who are less physical and more spiritual in existence.  By straddling the fence, so to speak, we delay our progress in this evolutionary process.  So in short, we hold on because we fear letting go.  We fear having to go through the work of redefining our foundational beliefs.  We fear looking crazy to other people.  We fear…..the unknown.  

Living in 5D, means knowing that you don’t have to know all the answers at any given moment, but understanding that you have all of the answers inside of you all the time and exactly how to access that infinite wisdom at any given moment.  We are taught that life is hard.  We must struggle, work hard, earn our stripes, pay our dues…in order to be successful.  But this couldn’t be further from the truth!  We are supposed to experience the fullness of life as spiritual beings and enjoy the abundance of this physical experience.  We are told that life is short. When death comes, it’s all over…  Lies!  Death is only an illusion.  We come back again and again. In the meantime, we are still alive, in 4D.  The problem is, when we come back again, we are reset. Reprogrammed into this 3D existence with a 3D state of mind to begin the process again- releasing and reconstructing our mental programs in order to return to our truest form of Self.  Our higher self.  Our completely etheric being. So in a nutshell, habit and fear keep us from letting go of 3D.
Like any other habit, you release 3D tendencies by replacing them with more suitable, 5D strategies, one step at a time. 

“Black Consciousness” vs. Consciousness.

One day, I hope that all my “Black Conscious” friends realize that being angry is not really effectively raising the consciousness of this planet.  Yes, it is absolutely necessary that we have a true knowledge of Self.  Yes, we need to be aware of what has been and is still going on behind the history and systems of this physical world.  Yes, we do need to unify, build, and support each other in our socio-economic endeavors.  Yes, we need to rebuild our communities and create our own systems of education, finance, health, and commerce. 
But no, we do not need to expend our precious energy on hating those that have hated us for centuries.

On the contrary, we need to use our energy wisely and transmute the BS that is pushed our way. Instead of allowing our vibration to be manipulated and controlled by the systems we disagree with, we need to maintain our positive, and high vibes.  When we feel overwhelmed with anger, we need to transmute that negative energy into love and compassion for our people, our communities, and our world.  To love our enemies does not necessarily mean to like them.  It means to love the lessons learned, and to appreciate the strength and wisdom which have been passed down from generations of our ancestors through the intricacies of our DNA.  

Some of my most conscious brothers and sisters are so bitter and filled with hate, they don’t even realize how deeply  they are caught up into this web of a matrix and playing right into the hands of the oppressor.

Overstand this:  Wisdom is in our melanin.  Learn how to use it properly.  Nurture. Educate. Empower. But most importantly, LOVE. Everyone. Period.

To be conscious is to be intent on raising not just awareness, but also the vibration of this planet.  Why do you think we knew how to build pyramids in the first place?  I know you didn’t think they were actually just burial tombs. Lol

-Hotep ✌

What Change Looks Like…in Education.

After teaching my students about their chakra systems, they asked to do a full chakra meditation.  We did.  Some of them had unpleasant memories resurface, others had repressed thoughts emerge, and they cried….together. 
Fortunately, since my Third Eye is strong and activated, I was  able to see them, allow them some time, and offer the right words to help them release and move forward. 
Throughout the week, they enjoyed playing with their energy fields by creating energy balls and allowing each other to feel the tingly vibrations with their hands.  They learned to create magnetism with their fingertips and touch themselves and each other, without physically touching.  They learned about their ability to heal themselves and others with this gift. 
Instead of me forcing them to shake my hand at the threshold when they enter class, they began to offer me threshold hugs! ❤
Friday, was our first day of service. We did a heart chakra meditation before volunteering to do different things to help teachers and students throughout the building.  

My 8th graders went to a third grade class and picked a partner, then listened to the little ones read to them.  The love and warmth in the room was indescribable.  

We returned to the room, where I showed the video of Kate receiving her new guitar.  

Their homework assignment was given: 

“Do one nice deed for someone you don’t know.”  
My purpose for showing them the video was for them to know that I would never ask them to do something I wasn’t already doing myself.  This is a leadership class.  It starts with me.  Not just at work, but in my daily life.
We have the power to not only create improved communities, but also a loving society.  

All we need to to do is sit, listen, and obey.

Why Isn’t Our Education System Working?

The children we are teaching now, are not the same children that we, as adults, grew up with.   Growing up in the city I teach in, (Flint, Michigan) I have seen a dramatic shift in our community over the course of my lifetime.  When we were kids, no one really had to worry about getting beaten, shot, or killed by police. We could go up to the corner store, buy bread and milk for our parents, come home and run through the sprinklers, then grab a drink of water from the hose when we got fussed at for going in and out of the house too much. There was a time when it was safe to be outside at night, catch fireflies, and look up at the stars.  There was a time when no one had to jump up out of their sleep, in the middle of the night, to hit the floor and protect themselves from gunshots.  We could leave school on a Friday and not have to worry about who’s seat would be empty on Monday.  We could have an extended summer vacation without having to go to remedial classes or stress about the possibility or losing another friend before the first day of school.

For the past several years we have been looking at the symptoms of the problem, rather than uncovering the root of the problem within our education system.  We have pointed the finger at the teachers, administration, district leaders, management companies, authorizers, and state departments of education.  We have medicated our students after labeling them with a plethora of acronyms.  We corral them like cattle through the hallways with clanging gates slamming down at the sound of the bell.  Police officers are posted inside the buildings ordering students to get to class with their strong voices barreling through the crowds of children.  States require most schools to test, test, and test some more.  From the first month of school, until the last few weeks of their departure for a so-called, “summer vacation”, teachers are challenged to teach with rigor, and students are challenged to flawlessly pass every test.  There are extended school days, extended school years, and summer retention classes.  Students are still below grade level.  Not all of them, but one would think that after applying all these methods, students would be growing out of the labels and categories they’ve been placed in.   “Below level”, “tier-3”, “in the red”…..all titles and labels that make our kids feel… what, exactly? 

The finger is then turned in the worst direction of all, parents.  Parents that are striving their best to provide food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare in a violent and economically unjust society.   Most parents love their kids and do whatever is necessary to ensure that they are safe, healthy, and most importantly, alive….. even if the city’s water has been poisoned.

We trust community leaders, officials, and neighbors to do what is right. We count on each other.  We have to if we want to survive.  However, the world has become so cold that most of us can barely trust at all.  We can’t trust the person walking down our street that looks too hard at our window when we’re cutting the grass.  A lot of us feel unsafe to be in our homes without some form of a weapon to defend ourselves against our own people.  Why is that?
We have our schools open 12 months out of the year. An extended school day has students in school from sunup until sundown with after-school programs and summer classes often mandated. Why is that? 

Yet, we’re still not getting anywhere. 

Why is that? 

The answer is quite simple.  The students we are teaching now, are not the same students we grew up with.  As adults, we tend to look back and expect things to remain the same moving forward.  Even though we say we want something different, we continue trying to bring back those days which are lost and gone forever.  That doesn’t mean that things have to be bad.  It just means that things are different now.  The students we are teaching now are largely Indigo Children.

This brings up an entire topic of discussion that is generally most uncomfortable for the majority of people, simply because it’s unfamiliar.  Some may argue that there is not enough data to support this philosophy.  It blurs that line between physical and spiritual.  Tangible and imaginary.  That pretend world we were all told doesn’t exist, but then, why was that?

We are told to think it, believe it, and achieve it, but when we begin to discuss the Law of Attraction, we’ve gone too far.  Nevermind the fact that it’s one of 12 universal laws,  it has been deemed one of those Hocus Pocus subjects that doesn’t belong in school.  We are told the story of creation, but we are not told that we are powerful creators.  We are taught about our physical anatomy and diseases, but we are not taught about the metaphysical components of our created beings and how to heal ourselves and others. Why is that?

For those of us who are fully awake, knowing how to function and operate on a daily basis in the avatar of our higher selves, we get it.  We understand that we cannot be confined to anyone’s box, not even our own.  We must allow for infinite expansion and ascension if we are to flow in our unique Divine Purpose. 

 While understanding collective consciousness and the power that lies therein, we know how to focus energy to shift reality in the best interest of all humanity.  Out of genuine, unconditional love, we were created….for a reason.  We always say that, but we never really explore the reason.  We say it’s to be an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, or whatever else is considered a respectable career.  Many  of us agree that we leave this physical body and return to the spirit realm, regardless of our religion or belief systems.  We know that we are not going to live in this physical body indefinitely. Therefore, why do we spend so much time and stress on our physical lives.  An illusion has been established that we must jump on the hamster wheel and run as fast and hard as we can if we want to survive.  Then, we look around at all of the life that is living without panicking about their food, clothing, shelter, healthcare,  and water.  We are trained to experience life with a mindset of fear and lack, but when we sit in nature with nothing, we are surrounded by abundance.  Although many of us believe that we have dominion over the abundant Earth, we have been taught to view life as an ongoing struggle.  Why is that?   

We have been conditioned to believe that we must depend on someone else to provide for us, when we have the Source of all creation within us.  We can create whatever it is that we need, or want.  The more connected and aligned we are, the quicker and easier we are able to manifest, but this is not what students are learning at school.  Why is that?  

The systems that are in place are not working at all.  We realize that, but instead of going deeper we stay on the surface.  We treat the symptoms without looking at the cause.  

Through technology and scientific studies, we are learning more about the things that we once thought were only fairytales.  Our children are performing miracles right under our noses, but instead of supporting them, we are recommended to give them a pill so they can blend in and remain oblivious to who they are.  Why is that? 

What would happen if students were allowed and encouraged to excavate and access their higher selves and function out of a higher state of consciousness? 

 What if they were taught to focus all of that intense, positive energy on purposefully reshaping their communities into places they want to take care of and live in?

In my Civic Leaders class, students learn about their inner power and focus intentional energy on improving our world, together.  I have a student that can do telekinesis (she did it on a ceiling fan in class) and several of them astral project.  They  have manifested money for the past two weeks, and they come in daily asking if we can open their third eyes.  The things they see when they meditate are incredible.  They are not visualizing themselves in the NBA.  Most of them see themselves in different Universes or sometimes even creating new worlds.   When they come back from meditating, they are so relaxed and sweet.  They are nice to each other and very calm, because that is who they truly are underneath what we see.  

But this, is not what we teach.  Why is that?

What would happen if all of us realized how powerful we were individually, and then decided to collaborate and connect with each other? 

Now, what if we taught our students beyond the pacing guide, and also taught them to access their internal, energetic power?

It’s no surprise, that this question is quickly dismissed.  We know exactly why our education system doesn’t want our students to know how powerful they are, but instead of walking in our power, turning the system on its head, and manifesting what we want; we succumb to the mindset of desperation and despair that have been embedded within our thought patterns and belief systems.

 Why is that?


USA dot to dot 


We’re all connected by gunshots.

Your brother, his cousin, my student, her friend,

He was important and we will all miss him.

I know you’re mad, but just wait-

You are still here, and you know what’s right.

You have your whole life ahead

I can’t let you forget.

You want to be a doctor

And you’re really good at soccer.

I know what ‘hood rules say,

But that will just get you locked away.

Then we would all be missing two

Of the most remarkable dudes.

I heard the shots too.

What did I do?

I hit the floor, just like you

At least, that’s what I assume.

No matter how much I don’t flinch

I still get scared when

They sound too close to my comfort

Or I can see the spark like a starburst.

I don’t know how it is

They could be so foolish

To blame this all on you

I mean really, what could you do?

You are but a child yourself

They are adults doing this mess.

Killing our economy,

Forcing you into poverty,

Then throwing out some red tape,

Just to make you hesitate

In trying to be your best.

So you start to second guess

Everything you once thought you could be.

You are doubting your dreams.

Now you don’t believe in you,

What else is there to do?

If I hadn’t been there before,

I’d be a stranger at your door.

I wouldn’t know what to say,

Thank God for all my heartache!

The political system is full of flaws,

But controls the most delicate system of them all.

We trust our children’s futures

To be guided expenditures.

“How much is each one worth?”

Sounds eerily familiar…

We don’t trust the water,

But we trust our leaders?

Even though we have evidence

And a few witnesses

We still can’t get them to see the truth.

They are the dots that connect me and you.

They take money from our schools,

While demanding me to do more.

Putting you in the middle

Of an economic war.

A battle between forces

One side unheard-

The other side bullying

Whenever they have a turn.

We give them an opportunity

To be forthright and upstanding

But every time, it never fails

They are standing back laughing.

Watching us scramble

Trying to get enough votes

All the while, the system has effectively-

Demolished all hope.

I am supposed to be the dot

That leads you to a way out,

But when I look at the big picture,

We are just pawns in this venture.

Freedom is an illusion

Disguised in confusion

Causing all of us to work for their goals.

Our households are scarred

From them going too far

Hitting below the belt

Dividing family units

Putting dads behind bars

Or worse, killing our sons.

Dot- to-dot

We are all connected by gunshots.

beaded flag