Bio: I've learned a lot of valuable life lessons. I believe that our struggle is never about us, it's about the people we can help once we overcome! I'm a very direct and blunt person, but I often find myself holding my tongue to protect others' feelings. All the while, the things I'm thinking and writing are some of the most hardcore truths that could potentially redirect several people to making wiser choices. I have a gift for writing and choosing words to perfectly frame the truth. It is time I share it candidly with those who need it most- no holds barred! Feel free to offer suggestions for blog topics or even post requests for advice. I promise to tell the whole truth as it is. Are you courageous enough to accept it?

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m waking up … it’s hard and confusing trying to navigate what I’ve been taught to believe my whole life and finding bit by bit that most was false and then trying to rebuild the foundation I stood on…it’s like I’m lost and stuck between 2 worlds…and frightening


    1. I help people through their transition all the time! I even have a business around it. I am a Seer, empath, and healer. I have a jewelry business where people send me selfies and I choose Crystals and Stones intuitively to balance their energies. I also do readings and healings. If you’re interested in chatting, I may be able to assist you.😊


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The TRUTH about love, sex, relationships, education and politics- NOT for the sensitive or fragile.

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