Just because someone comments on your posts, sends you a friend request, or inboxes you, doesn’t mean you owe them anything. 
Honestly, if we all went on dates or invested our full attention and effort into every one of our Facebook friends and inboxers, we would all be labeled unfavorably for being caked up with so many people in this group.  
If someone doesn’t respond the way you hoped, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you… or them. It may not mean anything at all.  There are a million reasons why people may not take your bait, but that doesn’t mean they’re just too picky or on some bull****. It might just mean they’re busy and after exerting all their energy at work or with other responsibilities, there’s simply not enough left to give.  It could also mean that they just aren’t trying to be in an instant relationship…. tomorrow.   The biggest turn off to me is to feel pressured. Like I HAVE to call or HAVE to date, give time, or energy to someone that is not my man.  I have so many other things to take care of, the last thing I need is an obligation that is not technically my obligation, especially when I didn’t choose to have the obligation in the first place. 
When it feels good, it flows naturally. When it doesn’t feel good, it simply doesn’t flow.  You cannot fake chemistry, and it’s not exactly necessary to date to see how you vibe with someone.  Honestly, you can feel a vibe or mutual interest just by interacting on posts. If there is something there, chances are, you’ll feel it right away. Likewise, if there’s nothing there….. Well then, there’s just nothing there and you won’t feel a thing. Personally, I don’t do exploratory dating.  I won’t date if I don’t feel a good vibe off rip.
Don’t take it personal. Just because two people are single doesn’t mean they’re a match.


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