​Growth vs. Manifestation.

When we encounter contrast, discord, or disappointment, we know right away what we don’t want to experience, and sometimes, in that instance, we also know what we do want instead. But how do we get from point A to B?  How do we go from  having unhealthy relationships to manifesting the love we need, want, and deserve?

First, we recognize what we don’t want. But if we keep thinking about it, we will only attract more of it.

Next, we identify what we do want.  But we must align ourselves energetically with what we desire, and focus only on the feeling of having it if we truly want to receive it. Then, that will be all we can attract.

Finally, we must do the internal work to be mentally and emotionally able to receive what we want.  If it is something we’ve never had or seen before, it may be difficult to do this. The majority of people stop short of completing this step.  Although what they say they want has begun to appear, they are too caught up in the snares and residue from the past to be open to receiving it.  As a result, they sabatoge their own success.

Some people remain stuck on the first step and get frustrated with all of the negative encounters they have, yet they can’t understand how they are responsible for attracting what they continue to experience.  

Many get stuck on the second step because they don’t know how to align themselves and become a vibrational match with what they want.

Most never realize that they’re hindering their own progress and they are not actually ready or capable of receiving what they say they want to attract.  

Growth is a process.   It’s about learning the lessons of our life experiences and humbling ourselves enough to admit our mistakes, take ownership of our shortcomings, and accept our past for who it has shaped us to become.

Manifestation requires growth and evolution.  It’s more than exerting massive effort, concentration, and repeatedly trying to force an ideal situation to unfold. 

In order to manifest on a higher level, we must first grow to a higher level of consciousness.

Are you ready to receive what you want?


One thought on “​Growth vs. Manifestation.”

  1. This is beautifully poignant in that it informs us to not only prepare ourselves for that which we desire but also it informs us to get out of our own way. Getting out of our own way not only allows what we desire to reach us but more importantly us to reach it.. Beautiful..


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