​Passionate, Not Clingy.

I will give you, and only you, my undivided attention.

I will focus on you, deliberately.

I will try to learn and understand you.

I will be patient when we are on different frequencies.

I will continuously pursue my own spiritual alignment.

I will filter my emotions and avoid blaming you for “my stuff”.

I will sacrifice in order to compromise, if it’s for the best of our mutual interest.

I will express my appreciation for you.

I will learn lessons about myself and life through the experience of dealing with you.

I will try.

I will face my fears and challenge myself to overcome them.

I will enjoy the process of getting to know you.

I will take my time.

I will give you space when I feel you need it.

I will take space for myself when I know I need it.

I will honor you.

I will respect you.

I will listen to you.

I will open my heart to you.

I will not demand or expect anything of you.

I will forgive you.

I will allow you to treat me the way you want to treat me.

If I don’t like it, 
I will let you go.


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