​Conscious Parenting

When the boys (4 & 6) do something they know they’re not supposed to do, and I feel myself becoming frustrated and not sure of how to get them to get the message, I don’t yell, spank, or threaten.  

Instead, I ask them in a very calm voice, “What are you doing?”,  “Are you supposed to be doing that?”, “Have I told you not to do that before?” “How many times?”   

After providing the obvious answers to these questions, I remain calm.  Then, without  any physical reaction to their answers I say, “Okay.  I need to go listen to God.  Give me 5 minutes.”

I leave the room and go meditate.  

They are silent! They are frozen and nervous.  They know the Most High don’t play and whatever He/She tells me to do is what I’m going to do. 

I tell them that sometimes we don’t always know what to do, but God always does.  If we listen to Him/Her, we will always do the right thing.

There are consequences for breaking rules, and no rewards for unacceptable behavior.

So next time you get angry and you want to put the fear of God into your kids, don’t yell or reach for the belt.  Instead, tell them you’re going to meditate and you’ll be back in a few.  

Watch how quickly they tighten up when they realize that God lives inside of you and you are able to let Him/Her take over any situation at any moment.

Then, watch how they thrive when they begin to follow your example.


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