What do I want?

I want a partner that feels good and fits me nicely…….

In every way.

I want to feel adored and cherished.

I want to feel like out of all the other women that want him, he only wants me.

I want to feel beautiful, sexy, supported, understood, respected, inspired, safe, trusted, and most importantly, loved.

I want to feel sexually satisfied.

I want to feel….sprung.

I want our relationship to be unlimited.

I want it to flow, with ease.

I want to go as far as we want to go, without hesitation or restriction.

I don’t have a benchmark.

I don’t have a white picket fence fantasy.

I don’t have a due date.

I don’t even have “relationship goals”.

I just want to BE….. 

With him.

I know my worth.  I am priceless.

I don’t need to convince him or hope he notices all the greatness within me.

He sees my rarity and value before he  even initiates conversation.

He knows he needs to clean up his dirty laundry first, because I will see it all in a quick glance of a selfie if he doesn’t.

He is a King.  

He knows what I need because he has learned from the Queens that raised him. 

He enhances my growth, just by being himself.

The more freedom and space he gives me, the more I flourish and appreciate him.

The more I appreciate him, the more he treasures me.

What do I want?


Without boundary or expectation.


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