​Have you ever looked up and realized that you weren’t enjoying your life? 
That the routine and regimen that you have upheld for several years suddenly just didn’t fit anymore?
Have you ever felt yourself at the crossroads between happiness and settling?
Like you were falling down a black hole and trying to catch a glimpse of the sunlight-

Find something to grab hold to, and pull yourself back up?
It is in this moment of clarity that we must make a conscious decision.
We must make a choice to continue being a victim of our circumstances, or become a creator of our own reality.
We have the power to initiate a paradigm shift whenever we want one.
All we have to do, is decide.
Make a decision that what you want is worth having.
Make a decision that you are worthy of having what you want.
More importantly, make a decision that what you want, is also what the Divine wants for you!
If the Creator, Divine Source energy, places the desires of your heart within you, 
How could He/She not support you when you pursue those desires that dwell Within? 
You have everything you need within you!
We often forget how powerful we are…
We are remnants of the Creator!
When others try to view your life from an outside perspective,
And tell you that what you don’t want is actually great for you-
Stand firm in your decision!
You don’t have to settle for less than what you want just because it makes sense to other people around you.
Your life is yours!
No one else can live it for you.
They can spectate, make assumptions, and draw conclusions, 
But they can never, physically, walk in your shoes.
However, if you are not happy, they will definitely feel it… From the outside.
Dissatisfaction can show up as a bad attitude, unpleasant temperament, negative thoughts or unhealthy habits.
You don’t owe anyone an explanation for being TRUE TO YOURSELF!
God created YOU for a reason.
Show the world who YOU are!


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