Balancing Contrast.

​How do we remain high when so many things around us are low?
That doesn’t mean stop caring.  It just means don’t embrace the negativity as a part of our beings.
There are levels of consciousness.
First, we become aware of the truth behind the lies.
Next, we release our old mental programs and re-evaluate the origins of our belief systems.
Lastly, we must step out of ego and listen to Divine Wisdom as we heal and move forward.
Many people skip this last step and become entrenched with the negativity that surrounds them.  Before long, their ego is intensified by fear and anger.
Their chakras get out of balance, and they become overwhelmed with the chaos and confusion bombarding this physical realm.
We speak of our ancestors, but how many of us listen to their guidance?
They are observing our struggles from a higher demension.  They will tell us the way to peace, if we would only listen.  They have been through much worse than we are facing now.  They know from experience exactly what we need to do to overcome the barriers we face.  They know that most of what paralyzes and restricts us, is only an illusion. We have insurmountable power flowing through our etheric and physical bodies.  
We have the ability to transmute energy from negative to positive.  Fear into love.  War into peace. We don’t believe it, but only because we aren’t listening….
Our ancestors are within us.  

As is the Divine.  
Know Thyself.
Change the World.


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