​To My King:

I cherish your presence in my life.  You are like a beautiful, rare and precious jewel.  I know you don’t see everything I see, but all I see is pure magnificence when I look at you.  I see your ancestors, I see your higher-self.  I see the boy that you were, and the man that you are now on the way to who you are destined to become.  You are…. delectable.  You are Divine.  We are not “together”, but I hate the thought of ever being  “apart”.   I would hate for you to ever be with someone that did not know the fullness of you.  Or how to nurture the Divine within you.  
I feel you.  I feel you within me as if we were sharing the same body and organs.  I feel your breath when you stress.  Your heart when you’re tense.  I feel the struggle of your higher-self pushing through the noise to be heard.  

Whether we are never “together” or forever “apart”, you will always be My King.   
I love you. 


I can’t even fully articulate the depth of how much I do. 


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