Single, together.

‚ÄčI’m with only you, because I only want to be with you.

That’s my choice.

I’m not your woman.  

You don’t expect anything of me.

Yet, I am loyal.

Simply because I choose to be.

You make me feel good.

You make me smile.

You make me laugh.

You make me shudder.

You teach me. 

You comfort me.

You help me learn more about myself.

My growth supports yours.

Your growth  inspires mine.

No title can control my decision to  be faithful to you.

No label can force me to open my heart to you.

It’s simple….

I do so, because I choose to.

If you were “with only me, because you only wanted to be with me”,

I’d rather that whole phrase, than one word to replace it.

A title assumes an obligatory sense of responsibility.

A label is nothing more than a convenient way to summarize the extravagance of a beautiful relationship.

I am not against calling it what it is, but I am against calling it what it is not.

I don’t want a title that either of us have to grow into.  

We will only end up resenting the assumed responsibilities and limited freedom we have.

I don’t want a label that doesn’t match what we already are.

Otherwise, the contradiction between what we expect and what we already have, could cause us to drift apart.

So let’s just be…




Let’s explore:


Each other.

This love…

And call it what it is.


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