No Going Back.

I refuse to lower my vibration to keep you entertained.
No, I will not post a new selfie every other day.

Although I can slay in any full body pic,

I reserve those for the one I’m kicking it with.

This is not to knock another woman for what she does,

I’m just expressing where I’m coming from.

No, I’m not funny acting.  I’m just done with that life.

I used to post selfies and watch the numbers climb.

But one day, I began to feel this deep love from within,

Coupled with an urge to move in a different direction.

Instead of focusing on my appearance and all I could see around me,

I began to focus within and make new discoveries.

I learned that if I removed all of the distractions,

I was able to manifest quicker with the law of attraction.

After adding meditation more frequently to my regimen,

I began to ascend to heights never before mentioned.

The more I grew, the more I wanted to grow.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.

I had lost all interest in superficial life.

Conversation, entertainment, even my music style.

By tailoring my newsfeed and filtering information,

I was able to stay in the loop without lowering my vibration.

In the past, my newsfeed had me feeling all wound up and tight.

Every day felt like a big, dramatic fight.

But now I am clear and flowing in my gifts.

Connected and aligned with all that IS.

Seeing the light in others, helping them excavate their souls.

There’s so much more to this world than what we’ve been told.

An unlimited Creator lives within us all,

But we’d rather not discuss that and just go to the mall.

Spending too much money on some stuff that we don’t need,

While scrolling through our phones becoming angry at our newsfeed.

All of these illusions are not just a coincidence.

They are meant to captivate us and hold our attention.

When we are so engulfed and caught up in the physical,

 We are unable to create a new world in the spiritual.

Our ancestors are speaking, but we refuse to listen.

Some people have forgotten they have a divine mission.

Some say, “it’s all in fun”, and yes, I get that.

But the things we are experiencing now, are not by accident.

As long as we continue to deny our power that exists,

We will succumb to the life of selfies and full body pics.

Encouraging others to distract themselves even more,

We will tell them to drop a pic, in the comments below.

For me, “fun” has shifted to the other end of the spectrum.

From physical satisfaction to internal realization.

My space is sacred, my energy is priceless.

To draw your attention to my body, could take it away from my mindset.

It became important and productive to be seen for who I am,

Rather than what I look like, according to man.

I don’t look down or judge anyone who disagrees.

This is not about you, this is just about me.

I used to feel trapped and limited.  Like no one cared what I thought.

All that mattered was how I looked, it became so obvious.

Now, all you see is my mind, unless I choose to show you more.

But if I do, it is only because I want you to know.

Who I am is me, and what I am is real.

What I speak is truth, and this is how I feel.

I have evolved and stepped into my higher self.

It feels too good to go back, I’m so glad that I left.


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