What Change Looks Like…in Education.

After teaching my students about their chakra systems, they asked to do a full chakra meditation.  We did.  Some of them had unpleasant memories resurface, others had repressed thoughts emerge, and they cried….together. 
Fortunately, since my Third Eye is strong and activated, I was  able to see them, allow them some time, and offer the right words to help them release and move forward. 
Throughout the week, they enjoyed playing with their energy fields by creating energy balls and allowing each other to feel the tingly vibrations with their hands.  They learned to create magnetism with their fingertips and touch themselves and each other, without physically touching.  They learned about their ability to heal themselves and others with this gift. 
Instead of me forcing them to shake my hand at the threshold when they enter class, they began to offer me threshold hugs! ❤
Friday, was our first day of service. We did a heart chakra meditation before volunteering to do different things to help teachers and students throughout the building.  

My 8th graders went to a third grade class and picked a partner, then listened to the little ones read to them.  The love and warmth in the room was indescribable.  

We returned to the room, where I showed the video of Kate receiving her new guitar.  

Their homework assignment was given: 

“Do one nice deed for someone you don’t know.”  
My purpose for showing them the video was for them to know that I would never ask them to do something I wasn’t already doing myself.  This is a leadership class.  It starts with me.  Not just at work, but in my daily life.
We have the power to not only create improved communities, but also a loving society.  

All we need to to do is sit, listen, and obey.


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