Meet Kate.

I saw Kate quite a few times before.   A couple weeks ago, I rolled down my window to talk to her. I didn’t have any cash on hand, but I could see that she was sincere and really needed help. She had a guitar in her backpack and I asked her if she was able to make money from singing and playing her guitar. She said she could, but it was broken. I started thinking about all of the musicians I know, and what avenues I could pursue to assist her.
Today I was driving and saw her again with her partner, Derek. I happened to have some cash on hand, so I pulled over into the Taco Bell parking lot and asked her to come to the car. I gave her $2. I asked her what she needed for her guitar so I could look into it. She went and got Derek to provide the details and write them down.
While we were talking, a Taco Bell employee came outside and started yelling at them to move away from my car and asking me if they were bothering me. It was such a disruption to the positive energy that was going on surrounding our conversation. Kate kept apologizing and asked if she was standing too close to me. I told her she was fine, and she’s a person too. That was rude and disrespectful.
While Derek was explaining to me how they ended up there and where they were trying to go, I saw something special within both of them. I asked them if they ever meditate. They both got silent. 

They stumbled for words to say and basically told me no, they didn’t know how. They said they pray and they both really enjoyed church. I told them, “when we pray, we’re talking to God, when we meditate, we are listening to God”.  I reminded them that they have the power to create and manifest anything it is that they want. If they ask Him to show them the next step they are supposed to take, He will. They just need to listen for the answer. I gave them some specific tips and Derek began to talk to me further about his interest in religious studies. Kate was dying to get inside Taco Bell and purchase one item for each of them from the dollar menu. I reached down and got a $20 bill so they could both eat and maybe eat again later.
We ended our conversation so they could get something to eat, and then Derek asked me, is there anything you would like me to pray for, for you? I said, “divine wisdom, to guide your steps”
He said he would ask the same for me.
I brought the information home that Derek had written down and called Guitar Center.  They need to have the guitar in order to get the pieces fitted.  
Now it’s my turn to listen.
Divine Wisdom.


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