Why Isn’t Our Education System Working?

The children we are teaching now, are not the same children that we, as adults, grew up with.   Growing up in the city I teach in, (Flint, Michigan) I have seen a dramatic shift in our community over the course of my lifetime.  When we were kids, no one really had to worry about getting beaten, shot, or killed by police. We could go up to the corner store, buy bread and milk for our parents, come home and run through the sprinklers, then grab a drink of water from the hose when we got fussed at for going in and out of the house too much. There was a time when it was safe to be outside at night, catch fireflies, and look up at the stars.  There was a time when no one had to jump up out of their sleep, in the middle of the night, to hit the floor and protect themselves from gunshots.  We could leave school on a Friday and not have to worry about who’s seat would be empty on Monday.  We could have an extended summer vacation without having to go to remedial classes or stress about the possibility or losing another friend before the first day of school.

For the past several years we have been looking at the symptoms of the problem, rather than uncovering the root of the problem within our education system.  We have pointed the finger at the teachers, administration, district leaders, management companies, authorizers, and state departments of education.  We have medicated our students after labeling them with a plethora of acronyms.  We corral them like cattle through the hallways with clanging gates slamming down at the sound of the bell.  Police officers are posted inside the buildings ordering students to get to class with their strong voices barreling through the crowds of children.  States require most schools to test, test, and test some more.  From the first month of school, until the last few weeks of their departure for a so-called, “summer vacation”, teachers are challenged to teach with rigor, and students are challenged to flawlessly pass every test.  There are extended school days, extended school years, and summer retention classes.  Students are still below grade level.  Not all of them, but one would think that after applying all these methods, students would be growing out of the labels and categories they’ve been placed in.   “Below level”, “tier-3”, “in the red”…..all titles and labels that make our kids feel… what, exactly? 

The finger is then turned in the worst direction of all, parents.  Parents that are striving their best to provide food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare in a violent and economically unjust society.   Most parents love their kids and do whatever is necessary to ensure that they are safe, healthy, and most importantly, alive….. even if the city’s water has been poisoned.

We trust community leaders, officials, and neighbors to do what is right. We count on each other.  We have to if we want to survive.  However, the world has become so cold that most of us can barely trust at all.  We can’t trust the person walking down our street that looks too hard at our window when we’re cutting the grass.  A lot of us feel unsafe to be in our homes without some form of a weapon to defend ourselves against our own people.  Why is that?
We have our schools open 12 months out of the year. An extended school day has students in school from sunup until sundown with after-school programs and summer classes often mandated. Why is that? 

Yet, we’re still not getting anywhere. 

Why is that? 

The answer is quite simple.  The students we are teaching now, are not the same students we grew up with.  As adults, we tend to look back and expect things to remain the same moving forward.  Even though we say we want something different, we continue trying to bring back those days which are lost and gone forever.  That doesn’t mean that things have to be bad.  It just means that things are different now.  The students we are teaching now are largely Indigo Children.

This brings up an entire topic of discussion that is generally most uncomfortable for the majority of people, simply because it’s unfamiliar.  Some may argue that there is not enough data to support this philosophy.  It blurs that line between physical and spiritual.  Tangible and imaginary.  That pretend world we were all told doesn’t exist, but then, why was that?

We are told to think it, believe it, and achieve it, but when we begin to discuss the Law of Attraction, we’ve gone too far.  Nevermind the fact that it’s one of 12 universal laws,  it has been deemed one of those Hocus Pocus subjects that doesn’t belong in school.  We are told the story of creation, but we are not told that we are powerful creators.  We are taught about our physical anatomy and diseases, but we are not taught about the metaphysical components of our created beings and how to heal ourselves and others. Why is that?

For those of us who are fully awake, knowing how to function and operate on a daily basis in the avatar of our higher selves, we get it.  We understand that we cannot be confined to anyone’s box, not even our own.  We must allow for infinite expansion and ascension if we are to flow in our unique Divine Purpose. 

 While understanding collective consciousness and the power that lies therein, we know how to focus energy to shift reality in the best interest of all humanity.  Out of genuine, unconditional love, we were created….for a reason.  We always say that, but we never really explore the reason.  We say it’s to be an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, or whatever else is considered a respectable career.  Many  of us agree that we leave this physical body and return to the spirit realm, regardless of our religion or belief systems.  We know that we are not going to live in this physical body indefinitely. Therefore, why do we spend so much time and stress on our physical lives.  An illusion has been established that we must jump on the hamster wheel and run as fast and hard as we can if we want to survive.  Then, we look around at all of the life that is living without panicking about their food, clothing, shelter, healthcare,  and water.  We are trained to experience life with a mindset of fear and lack, but when we sit in nature with nothing, we are surrounded by abundance.  Although many of us believe that we have dominion over the abundant Earth, we have been taught to view life as an ongoing struggle.  Why is that?   

We have been conditioned to believe that we must depend on someone else to provide for us, when we have the Source of all creation within us.  We can create whatever it is that we need, or want.  The more connected and aligned we are, the quicker and easier we are able to manifest, but this is not what students are learning at school.  Why is that?  

The systems that are in place are not working at all.  We realize that, but instead of going deeper we stay on the surface.  We treat the symptoms without looking at the cause.  

Through technology and scientific studies, we are learning more about the things that we once thought were only fairytales.  Our children are performing miracles right under our noses, but instead of supporting them, we are recommended to give them a pill so they can blend in and remain oblivious to who they are.  Why is that? 

What would happen if students were allowed and encouraged to excavate and access their higher selves and function out of a higher state of consciousness? 

 What if they were taught to focus all of that intense, positive energy on purposefully reshaping their communities into places they want to take care of and live in?

In my Civic Leaders class, students learn about their inner power and focus intentional energy on improving our world, together.  I have a student that can do telekinesis (she did it on a ceiling fan in class) and several of them astral project.  They  have manifested money for the past two weeks, and they come in daily asking if we can open their third eyes.  The things they see when they meditate are incredible.  They are not visualizing themselves in the NBA.  Most of them see themselves in different Universes or sometimes even creating new worlds.   When they come back from meditating, they are so relaxed and sweet.  They are nice to each other and very calm, because that is who they truly are underneath what we see.  

But this, is not what we teach.  Why is that?

What would happen if all of us realized how powerful we were individually, and then decided to collaborate and connect with each other? 

Now, what if we taught our students beyond the pacing guide, and also taught them to access their internal, energetic power?

It’s no surprise, that this question is quickly dismissed.  We know exactly why our education system doesn’t want our students to know how powerful they are, but instead of walking in our power, turning the system on its head, and manifesting what we want; we succumb to the mindset of desperation and despair that have been embedded within our thought patterns and belief systems.

 Why is that?


One thought on “Why Isn’t Our Education System Working?”

  1. Reblogged this on Ethereal Beings In My Life and commented:
    I agree with everything in this piece. The first part about schools is really personal to me. I gave permission for my youngest to drop out as soon as he was old enough and we are now all much happier for it! This is a great read!


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