Isis, The Seer.

I see you-
In a flash
Your whole life
With a glance
The longer I look
The more I see
Then I start to feel-
All that lies beneath

I see you
At your core
Everything you are
But so much more
Your Higher Self
Buried underneath
So many layers
Looking back at me

Your subconscious
Looms overhead
Things you’ve forgotten
And don’t want to admit
They shoot off quickly
One by one
For you to hear them
Might not be fun

You’ve been hiding
For way too long
The Divine wants you
To let it all out
Move in freedom
Operate in your gifts
But how can you,
If you don’t know they exist?

My assignment-
Is to free your Soul
To tell you the things
You don’t want to know
Wrapped around you
Like handcuffs on your wrists
God gave me the key
To unlock what IS

The Truth
Shall set you free,
And the Truth
Is what I see
You can deny
You may try to resist
You can be arrogant
Or become defensive

Whatever the case
Truth has been revealed
That’s all it takes
For you to see yourself
Although you may not
See yourself at first
It’s only because
The Truth can hurt

There’s something more
A dark entity within
That doesn’t want to let go
Confining your freedom
Like tape on a hostage
It binds your Spirit
By controlling your subconscious

Like Holy water
On a demon,
It tries to attack
But runs away screaming
When I share my vision
The Truth is the Light
In its presence
No darkness can hide

This talk of paranormal
Makes others around me fear
Concerned for my safety
Like I don’t know what I’m dealing with
But the Creator has taught me
And dwells within my heart
Hold the entity in love
And watch it fall apart

If I listen to them
And instead become afraid
It will only gain momentum
And continue to reign
Manipulating your thoughts
Dictating your emotions
The entity will become you
And you will doubt its existence

You are my Osiris-
Your remnants have been scattered
As the Goddess of Love
I spread my wings and gather
All the pieces of your Soul
That Set tried to destroy
And acknowledge all the sadness
Set felt when he was a boy

Allowing him to be-
Yet not allowing him to enter
The realm of the Divine
Which I hold at my Center
His power is diminished
He cannot operate in love
I focus on your remnants
And hold them up above

I call out to the Spirits
Of all that is Holy
Invoking them individually
Asking them to control me
“Angles, Archangels
And all the Ascended Masters,
I call upon you now
Spirit Guides and Ancestors

I see what has been shattered
Deep within this Soul
Please Father, help me
To magically restore
Long enough to birth another
Version of this Truth
Please Father, help me
As I bring this Soul to You

I am Isis-
Your Chosen Protector
With Love and Magic
I am the Healer You selected
Ma’at fuels my Sight
Allowing me to see the Truth
You gave me these gifts
And now I honor You

I come to You now
Thanking You for Your wisdom
Which flows through my being
As Divine intuition
Heal this Soul now
Restore peace where it was lost
Please let them hear me
When I share what I saw”


All has become well
You are free, you are clear
Everything now makes sense
Your pain was with purpose
You are able to explore
With a newfound confidence….

I just unlocked the door.

Isis, The Seer


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