The other day, I joined a new Facebook group. I went on the page and got ready to share some of my writing in a normal post, but instead of being greeted with, “What’s on your mind?”, I was asked, “What are you selling?”. I knew exactly what to put there, but I brushed it off and thought, “Hmm, that’s interesting…”.

I tried to bypass the prompt and make a regular post, but even when I closed out and came back, I was asked the same question, “What are you selling?” I did everything I could to get around it, but then I heard Source say from within, “Stop fighting. Just GO!”

So I did.

The past 3 days has been incredible! I got all these inboxed selfies from people wanting me to “see” into their lives and clear up confusion, answer questions, and offer advice. However, it turned into much more than that.

When I “see”, I really SEE. EVERYTHING. I have been able to see the past, present, future, and feel each chakra of the person I’m helping and tell them whether it’s blocked, unbalanced, or needs healing. I have also seen their spiritual gifts that are trying to emerge. People have been moved to tears by my accuracy. That is very comforting because I never really know how what I’m seeing is being received and some of it can be pretty tough to share. I don’t want people to think I’m judgmental or rude and I only know I’m right because I tap in to Source and stay connected tightly as I share my vision. Afterward, I usually have some resources or guidance to direct them to the next step. And needless to say, they are no longer a stranger. We bond. They feel clear, relieved and ready to move forward. I tap in to their life and carefully create something special for them that will help them remain strong and balanced in every chakra, as they continue on their journey.

I always saw myself writing, on the beach, and earning income remotely, but I never knew what I was writing about or actually doing to earn money. I just knew I would be helping people all over the world and having fun doing it.

Funny, because when I woke up on Day 2, I had so many people trying to pay me from all over the world (Ireland, Egypt, 7 states in the US), I had to set up a business PayPal account. I decided to use the name of my blog site as my business name. I used the email address linked to my blog (same name) as my business email address. I already have a website domain, I just haven’t had the time or insight on how I needed to set it up. I had some issues with my summer gig and now I have a lot more time on my hands…like the whole summer, and I still get paid for my regular job over the summer, even though I don’t have to work. Shortly after seeing a couple people via inbox, I heard Source say, “Write about your experiences on your blog site and share pictures. The finished products”. Now, I have to get a P.O. box, and the craft store even has a sale and coupon this weekend for me to get more supplies. Suddenly, all the pieces are falling into place and my vision of writing on the beach and helping people all over the world is making so much sense!

Ironically, my business name is “Unfiltered Truth”.


What are you selling



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