Spiritual Warriors.

We are the front liners.
We fight differently than you think.
We fight the unseen.
We fight for you to be free.

It frightens you.
You don’t want to admit it.
You try to switch it around.
You say that we’re just tripping.

We see you.
We feel you.
We experience all that you have,
Whenever we are near you.

You try to hide.
You can’t in our presence.
You try to run.
But we can heal you in your absence.

We don’t talk.
We don’t “do” something to convince you.
We let you go.
We fight for you, in the distance.

You are angry.
You are afraid.
You are anxious.
You are away from us.

We know what to do.
We go into ritual.
We pray and send love.
We remove negative entities.

You don’t understand.
You need some evidence.
You argue and debate.
But you are the evidence.

We don’t say a word.
We show you yourself.
Our weapons are invisible.
Our only motive is love.

Spiritual Warriors


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