When we shine a light in the darkness, does it not make visible that which once was hard to see?

Does light not show us the flaws and dirt that we would otherwise miss in the darkness?

Do we clean our houses with the lights off?

If we add dark to existing darkness, does it suddenly become light?

So how can we fight anger with anger?
Murder with more killing?
Injustice by being unjust?

When superheros battle, do they use the same weapon that their opponent is using, or do they use what works best for them?

If we are the “Light of the world”, then why do we find it so difficult to shine in dark times?

Whatever happened to “This little light of mine- I’m gonna let it shine!….🎶“?

How did our lights fade and then we began to blame the system for snuffing them out?

The system may be a root of the darkness, but it is only a portion of the darkness we are submerged in.

However, when we add a candle to a room that is immersed in darkness, does it not become….lit?

If we are all showing our best to each other with how we treat one another, using our gifts to purposefully assist others or the world as a whole, giving cheerfully to those who need it, and just trying to be an overall better, kinder, and happier person from one day to the next…..would not the darkness become light?

Don’t let your flame get snuffed out just because the room became darker than it already was.

That’s your cue to shine brighter, and keep shining!

Now, fix your face and go on….

You’ve got work to do! 🙂




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