We wait in anticipation
among others,
asking for permission to be heard, hoping to gain approval and acceptance.
Our ultimate goal being
for someone else to determine our worth and decide what we are capable of doing or not doing.

Why do we belittle ourselves by playing “this” game?

We spread ourselves thin for barely anything in return.

We stress.
We toil.
We labor, endlessly.

To avoid boredom and depression, we look for joyful moments and relish in the sense of satisfaction we gain from doing what we have been trained, hired, and told to do.

Meanwhile, we are crossing our fingers that our contracts get renewed and our compensation is enough to meet our needs, and hopefully some of our wants.

Why do we limit ourselves to “this”?

We’ve been taught that “this” is the only way to do life.
The only smart way to play the game. But why?

What is it the shot-callers don’t want us to know?

Most of the successful and prosperous people we look up to have a few commonalities:

They are not people you dangle breadcrumbs in front of and wait for them to display their gammit of tricks for however many nibbles you decide they should get.

They are people that proudly say what they will do, who they will do it with, and what they require for compensation, supplies, and accommodations in order to get it done.

Their biographies are not dramatically different from most of our own.

They know who they are.
They know why they are here.
They walk in their truth fearlessly.
They look to no man for approval or guidance.
They believe these are things that can only come from within.

The more we expand in consciousness, the more confined we begin to feel.

Our once comfortably small pond becomes a pet store to-go bag.
We may move from place to place, but the clear walls of limitation exist all around us, wherever we go.

We can’t swim freely unless we are released, escape, or die.

Sounds too much like a history we were told was in our past.
Yet, when you simplify it all, the question naturally arises:

What is the name of “this” game exactly?

The truth is, we can’t win the game until we remove ourselves from it.

We have to elevate to a place of operating in our spiritual identity within our physical form.
We will never fulfill our purpose if we are only focused on our physical existence.

When we seek outwardly for guidance or approval, and view life from an external perspective, we immediately surrender all of our power to those currently controlling us.

When we are driven from the Divine power within, we find all the answers and direction we need when we sit in the silence.

No one can remove the Source of our power, or our ability to quiet the mind and listen for instructions.

Therefore, let us all say:

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