Equally Yoked.

How can she feed your soul, if she is not in touch with her own?

How can she nurture your spirit, if she doesn’t make time to first nurture hers?

How can she see your inner being and support your higher consciousness, if she is not yet conscious herself?

How can she feel your energetic blocks and assist you in healing them, if she is not aware that chakras exist?

How can she share insight and vision with you through her third eye, if she doesn’t know how to tap in to Source energy?

How can she help you to fulfill your destiny, if she is not fully capable of propelling you to your greatness?

How can he lead me, if he is aimless in his own life?

How can he inspire me, if he doesn’t believe in himself?

How can he enhance my knowledge, if he doesn’t seek knowledge of his own?

How can he encourage me to soar to my greatest heights, if he keeps me trapped in a cage?

How can he comfort me, if he finds it difficult to give and receive love?

How can he love me, if he is afraid to trust me?

How can she be your Queen, if she doesn’t understand the magnitude of her role?

How can he be my King, if he is not willing to earn his throne?

How can either of us settle for less than what we are?

How can we rule together, if we are dimensions apart?

Isis Ma'at's photo.

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