Monkey Bars.

Monkey Bars


“People come into our lives for a reason, season, or a lifetime.”

The purpose is always to teach us something.
Once the lesson has been learned, one or both parties involved may drift off into the sunset.

Some lessons take longer to learn or we have a specific character trait we need to develop or enhance.
These relationships can feel somewhat uncomfortable. They are like sandpaper- polishing all of our rough edges that we didn’t know we had. The people that teach us these lessons will be around longer because their assignment is more complex.

Finally, others will come into our lives and be there through it all.
They have a first class ticket to our evolutionary process.
They may not always agree or understand us, but the lesson to be learned is to stay true to ourselves in spite of potentially ruffling their feathers.

As we reach out and grab ahold of the lessons placed before us, we are challenged.
We hold on with all our might, hoping not to lose our grip.
The longer we hold on, the more shaky we become.
Sometimes we fall and are forced to jump right back up where we left off,
But our goal is always to gain enough confidence to let go completely and release.
We reach forward in faith that we will be strong enough to support ourselves through the next experience.
Eventually we gain momentum and are mindful of its rhythm.
As we successfully complete a series of lessons, we lift our hands in celebration….

Only to begin again.

Sometimes it’s the experience, not the person.


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