I Am Me.


I Am Me.


Encased in this shell of beauty,
I often go unnoticed.
Quickly categorized and dismissed
as being one of the others.

There’s more to me
than what you see,
The light in your eyes
only gives you a peek.

Like the moon,
I rise and remain overhead,
But you can only see
What you tell yourself is there-

Try looking deeper still…

I am here.

But what you see
is just a beautiful, glowing ball.

You simplify me,
and cast me out among the rest.
A smiling face up in the sky,
Trying to shine her best.

You’ve convinced yourself
that I’m on a mission to impress you.
As if your approval and acceptance
is something I should pursue.

But everything I need
I already have within myself.
There’s more love in me
than I could ever get from someone else.

Since I am filled with love,
You experience love as well.
But gratitude and appreciation
Do not mean that I am desperate.

My love is genuine
So I respect your boundaries.
But please don’t misinterpret
My consideration for insecurity.

Over time I became
tired of the confusion,
And eventually
I was fed up with your delusions-

Of who you think I am.

I went into a cocoon
And emerged completely transformed
To ease you into a reintroduction,
I attempt to forewarn-

Believe me,
I know my power.
It is you
who is unaware
But instead of trying to learn me
You say I’m afraid to be myself.

Like the moon,
I’m much too high
To be brought down
By low vibes

I only show you
Bits and pieces of me
Because to tell the truth,
That’s all you’re ready to receive.

I wish I could

Show you all I have inside
But I see you oh so clearly
And you’re not ready for my third eye.

Most of who I am
Is beyond comprehension
Because I choose to operate
From another dimension

I used to be governed by your thoughts,

But now I don’t give a damn.

I Am Me.


You don’t have to understand.


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