Flying High….

Flying High



When you consciously function on a high vibrational frequency, you will do everything in your power to prevent any low vibrational force from jeopardizing your forward mobility.
Many things that used to bother you, will no longer make a difference.
You will avoid entertaining low vibrational thoughts, topics, and people.
Your tolerance for unconscious conversation will likely decrease.
You will understand the variations in frequency that cause people to flow in and out of your reality.
Disappointment is obsolete. Rejection is simply a vibrational mismatch.
Loneliness does not exist, for solitude is a gift to be cherished and used wisely.
There is no searching for “the one”, because it is all relative to where you are and where you want to be vibrationally.
You are what you attract.
If you have thoughts of doubt, fear, or lack, you will attract more of the same.
If you love yourself fully, appreciate the abundance of life, and express it intentionally to the Universe, you will attract more of the same.
Desperation is impossible because you understand that you cannot receive what you are not vibrationally matched with.
Therefore, understanding how to raise your vibration in order to match and attract what it is you want, is a skill.
That skill is impossible to master unless you first are aware that it exists.
However, once this skill is mastered, life becomes a magical adventure every day.

“I’m on a high flying disc and I’m not getting down!”


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