Dear Black Man,

Dear “Black Man”,

I love you.

Just the way you are.

Confused. Angry. Afraid.

I get it.

I was there.

I was with you when you were ripped from all that you knew.

Divided and scattered all over the planet.

Left alone in a strange world full of deceit, manipulation, and abuse.

I was there as you slowly began to adapt to the new world around you.

You started to believe the words that were barked at you.

You began to fulfill the expectations.

It all makes sense.

You forgot your identity and tried to adopt a different version of yourself.

One that was more suitable for your new environment.

Since your true identity had been stripped away, why not accept the identity being crafted for you by the people that were more familiar with this territory?


After centuries of conformity, your vision and perception became distorted.

I was there.

Watching you transform into a stranger.

Aggressive. Defensive. Broken.

I saw you turning away from me in search of brotherhood.

You were in pursuit of an unspoken bond-

One where every painful memory found its way into another man’s story.

You reached out for other brothers who had been traumatized and recreated that could relate and share your pain.

Together, you bonded.

You were able to slightly recognize your strength as comradery was formed.

However, the enemy became more vindictive and learned how to turn your brother against you.

To ensure that you would struggle, the enemy turned you away from me as well.

He convinced you that I was the one who was holding you back.

But really, I was holding your back.

He convinced you that I was unworthy.

Just an object to be utilized for entertainment purposes.

Some of my sisters began to fulfill the stereotypes-

Leaving you disappointed, bitter, and guarded.

I became a reminder of all those who made you suffer.

My punishment: your emotional unavailability.

Rather than admit, take ownership, and learn how to grow past the pain you endured, you preferred to ignore and avoid any thought or conversation that brought it to the surface.

You were once my King.

Your connection to the Divine was the only thing that moved you.

Now, you are lost.

You don’t know who you are because you refuse to open your mind to remembering who you once were.

Meanwhile, I am here.

Sending you love, light, and positive, healing energy.

Hoping one day you will wake up and remember who you were before you became…..

“A Black Man”.


Dear Black Man


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