Top 10 Joys of Being Single

Joy of being Single


  1. Things stay where you leave them.


  1. You can feel free to release gas whenever, however, and wherever you are in the house without offending someone else.


  1. There is less mess to clean, laundry to do, the grocery and utility bills are cheaper.


  1. Your shopping lists consist of things YOU want to buy.


  1. You have room to flip around as much as you want in bed.


  1. You don’t have to share the remote, your food, or more importantly, your money.


  1. You get to plan your whole day, every day, without feeling guilty for not considering or including someone else.


  1. You control the energy and mood of your environment without interference.


  1. Your personal goals can remain personal.


  1. You can enjoy life without having to tolerate anyone’s crap!  You can simply stop calling/answering without providing any explanation, should the need arise. ✌

I’m not totally against relationships.  I’m just pointing out that life is still awesome without them. J



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