My Special Place

My Special Place

Out of desperation, I arrive.

Almost in a panic.

I need to reconnect!

I must realign!

The most effective way is to be in the presence of Source Energy.

Not still nature, but flowing waters and gentle breezes.

Under traveling clouds, varying beams of sunlight, and a myriad of natural sounds.

Wrapped in the arms of the Universe, I feel peace, clarity, certainty, optimism, and joy.

Abundance is surreal in the Creator’s embrace.

Seeing all the pieces of life’s puzzle and witnessing the harmonious coexistence of creation, sets me free…

From fear, doubt, and anxiety.

Suddenly, I’m calm.


I can visibly see my place in the rhythm of Life’s Orchestra.

As I tune my frequency to focus on the appreciation of all that surrounds me, my breath becomes in sync with the breeze and current.

The leaves, birds, and even the insects move through the wind flowing to the same tempo.

When I come here, I remember why I exist:

I am simply supposed to love…
All that is.

Follow what feels good and appreciate all that is present, along the way.

Trust that my Source will always lead me in the best direction I should go and provide all my needs and wants as long as I allow myself to freely receive.

Now I am clear.

I may go forth and continue to live life…in 5D.



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