I See You…

I See You...

Many think they know me.

Most don’t know me at all.

Sharing with you is just as risky for me as it is for you listening to the truth I speak.

I am a Seer.

Ask me at your own risk,

“What is it that you see?”

I will respond with my disclaimer-

“You sure you’re ready for this?!?”

When you give me the green light, I plug myself in to Source.

I become the voice of vision…

I see what was, is, and what is likely to be.

I have no filter, for I must keep myself open for wisdom to flow freely from Spirit directly to you through me.

Some things are hard to share-

They are the things you don’t want to know,

The things you don’t want anyone else to know,

And the things you must confront in order to move forward.

They are also the things that have been holding you back-

Subliminal fears, pain, anger, and insecurities…

They are warnings of toxic people and unhealthy relationships.

This is why I cautioned you.

Just like treating a wound, it stings a bit at first, but shortly after, you are so happy you followed through.

A fog has been lifted.

You can now see ahead clearly.

I am your windshield.

The Seer.


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