I Am A Queen.

I Am A Queen.

Others may cross your path, but there will never be another quite like me.

I am irreplaceable…

You may try to overlook the affect I have on you, but you are only denying yourself the privilege of experiencing total bliss by resisting.

I soothe you.

I support you.

I nurture you.

I enhance you.

I inspire you to become the greatest version of yourself….

Without even touching you.

I am your link to the spirit world; for life transcends from the spirit realm to the physical, only through my womb.

When you are physically inside me, you have no escape from being enveloped by my soul…

When you look into my eyes, you are gently forced to take an honest look at the man you are.

Are you a King?

I deserve nothing less.

You may try to avoid the intensity you feel with me by drowning yourself in work or dabbling with other women,

But my light is steady.

The more space and time we have between us, the more I grow, and the more captivated you become.

My love is effortless.

Its impact is boundless.

I silently expose your fears, regrets, and insecurities so that you may address your weaknesses head-on.

I will not allow you to be held captive or handicapped by negativity, for I treat you as the King I see within you.

Therefore, I protect you.

I eagerly submit to your leadership.

I am honest.




And I do not manipulate you or play with your emotions….

Nor will I tolerate you playing with mine.

I am exquisite.

A sublime delicacy.

Never to be forgotten.

Impossible to ignore.

Take as long as you need to absorb and try to figure it all out.

You won’t.

It will never make sense until you recognize the magnificence of my power.

I Am A Queen.


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