Happy New Year!

One very cloudy night a few weeks ago, I was overwhelmed with a sense of cluttered emotion. I was feeling so much energetic interference from the buildup of all the interactions with so many people in daily life, I felt like I just couldn’t get clear. I needed to connect with Source…

I went outside in search of the moon, my go-to method. I could see nothing. The sky was pitch black and full of thick clouds. I didn’t even see a hole in the clouds to get a peek of moonlight.

Feeling lost, unusually stressed, and strangely bogged down with irritation, I bowed my head in desperation. I was urgently seeking the Divine. I needed clarity, peace, and calmness to come straight from the heavens and pour down upon me.

I began to weep as I pleaded with the Creator to just give me a quick glimpse of His/Her pure love and light. The clouds were too symbolic of the negative emotions clouding my spiritual vision. Just then, I heard that familiar still voice tell me to lift my head and open my eyes. The clouds had parted and this is what I saw….

Happy New Year!

I don’t need a man-made “New Year’s Eve/Day” to start a new chapter in my life and gain a fresh start.

I can reset, recharge, and reconnect with the flow of the Universe whenever I like. The love and light of the Divine Creator pours directly through me to gently graze all beings in my path as I move onward in pursuit of my God-given purpose.

There is no need for a “New Year’s resolution, when my spiritual alignment is in sync with celestial alignment and I am bound to grow and evolve positively because I can only move in one direction- forward.

There is no need to wait for a designated day on a man-made calendar for a fresh start…

All I have to do is look up and open my eyes.

All that I need, I already have.




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