Don’t force the flow…


spiritual alignment

Once your chakras are ignited, you can’t allow just anyone to enter your space.

That open portal between you and the Divine is much too sacred to be tampered with.

Your energy will force them out before they can ever get close in order to protect you.

When you want someone, but they don’t want you back

Don’t force it-

It’s probably better for you if you don’t have them at all.

Don’t consider it a loss.

In the midst of your total alignment, you will become bombarded with new ideas and impulses.

As you move forward following these urges, you will see clear pathways open up and mind blowing opportunities created.

Function in this celebratory space, giving praise for everything you see and feel coming your way.

Relax and watch everything you want be drawn to you like a magnet…even someone more fitting, that actually wants you back.


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