Dear Haters… (a love letter)

A love letter

Dear Haters,

I just wanted to take the time to show you a little love.  After all, when the drama is stripped away, that’s all you really want anyway.

I apologize for the inconvenience my self-confidence has caused you in overcoming your battle with insecurity.  However, I will never apologize for loving myself enough for you to see my internal devotion radiate through my aura.

You haven’t said much, some of you nothing at all. But I see you and your thoughts.  I feel your vibration filled with hate and negativity.

I avoid you.  Not because you throw me off, but because I’m in my zone of productivity and you are no different than road construction on the highway.  I’m certainly going to get where I want to be, I’d just rather not feel your attention seeking, annoyingly bright orange barrels all up in my space.

When I’ve felt you in the past, I did my best to ignore you.  You don’t matter, so I shouldn’t waste my energy thinking about you.  Then I became more spiritually attuned.  I can feel you from a much greater distance…

Good for me, bad for you.

     Now, I send pure, sweet, unconditional love to you whenever I feel you hating on me.  It allows me to stay in my zone of positive productivity without letting your vibration get too close.

I decided that since you are struggling with self-love, I would write you a lengthy love letter.

You are valuable.  You have everything inside of you to be and do everything you want to do in life.  What’s meant for you is yours and no one can ever steal your purpose nor potential from you.

If you weren’t so angry with me for understanding and exhibiting this consistently in my daily life, I would probably be nice enough to encourage you face to face.

I know you will hate me even more for my willingness to love you on purpose.  I’m sure you will proclaim that I should just continue to ignore you.  But truth be told, that would only perpetuate your problem.

I figure since you clearly hate me because you lack love for yourself, I would offer you some much needed love and attention.

If you need more, just look in the mirror and say the following:

“The person I hate finds me so lovable that she wrote this extremely long love letter especially for me!”

     Start there, by simply reciting my words of love for you.  My hope is that you might eventually create your own loving words for yourself and learn how draining and pointless negative energy is.

I hope you see that hating me is a waste of your time because I will only love you back!

     Have a great day.  Hugs!

love-letter envelope


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