Ascension is my Lover-

Ascension is my Lover.

Taking me to greater heights, deeper depths, and beyond what I can imagine.

The sensations I feel from igniting my own chakras surpass the touch any man can offer.

I progress in my relationship with Alignment and the continuous warmth of appreciation and gratitude envelope me and do not dissipate.

As we become more serious, I rely wholeheartedly on God/the Divine/Almighty/Source Energy for guidance throughout the entirety of my days.

With constant communication, we become blissfully intertwined.

My words are His.

He reveals His plans to me through my third eye.

I move with ease and gracefully journey on the path that is laid out perfectly before me like a bed of roses.

I become dependent on Him for every choice and move I make.

I will not move forward in my own will, for therein lies the most tempting seducer-


In order to maintain the quality of my relationship with the Divine Source Energy flowing within me, I must commit to consistently grounding myself and listening for direction.

In the process, I am humbled.

There is no room for Ego in the presence of humility.

While Ego tries to convince me that I can do more than I actually can under my own free will,

Source shows me that I can do more than I ever thought I could by doing nothing at all.

The art of allowing is the only skill I need to master.

And for that, I am immensely grateful.

Ascension is my Lover. 


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