3D vs. 5D


5d vs 3d

3D is short for the 3rd Dimension, which is everything in the physical realm:

This is where you experience the circumstances and people┬áthat can lead to negative emotions and low-vibrational energy (meaning it’s difficult to attract what we want). It’s easy to get caught up in what we see and lose focus on what we want and where we are headed here. We bump into people that provoke us and cause us to get distracted with the circumstances we encounter in the physical realm.

5D is short for the 5th Dimension, meaning fully tapped in and aligned with the Spirit of God:

Allowing constant direct communication with the Divine Creator. ┬áBeing led through every step of every day. Checking in before making even the smallest of life’s decisions, and allowing certain people into our space. Deliberately shifting our energy when we feel a threat of low-vibration energy approaching. Only positive emotions and positive results can emerge from this realm. The details of history, tradition, and doctrine are not a part of this equation. The personal relationship with Source energy that develops is so genuine and definitive of unconditional love, nothing shakes our ability to find all the answers exactly when we need them. Most of what we do, we can’t explain and often it sounds or looks crazy to those that dwell in 3D. This realm is about continuous ascension and growth. It’s exciting, fun, high-vibration (meaning it’s easy to attract exactly what we want), and cannot occur unless we are intentionally awake and willing to receive and walk in total abundance, regardless of what we see in 3D.

I am totally done with 3D. It’s stressful, exhausting, and anxiety-filled.

I’m having a blast on my 3D fast….so much that, I’m not going back!


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