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She’s smart, she’s got her stuff together, and she is overflowing with positive energy.  Not only does she handle her business; she balances her professional, family, and personal responsibilities with grace as she moves swiftly through the day resolving one crisis after another.  She recognizes the importance of self-care, as well as good character and humility toward her Creator.  She meditates, exercises, takes care of financial matters and nurtures and provides for the people that she loves.  When she has a man, he feels like he is the center of her universe, when in fact, her universe is very large and he is simply a star.  Albeit an important, shining star, he is a star nonetheless. She doesn’t prioritize by ordering her responsibilities.  Instead, she makes everyone and everything a high priority, including herself.  Although she may have sleepless nights from burning the midnight oil, she still finds tiny moments throughout the day to tend to her personal wellbeing, spiritual growth, and alignment.Superwoman 4

Everyone wants a Superwoman because most people need one at some point.  Whether she’s a mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, or friend, she is the one person who makes the dark clouds dissipate and hope feel restored.  She is pulled on in several directions simultaneously, yet she treats each individual demand with such undivided attention and concern that it seems like she only has one problem to solve per day.

Most men say they want a Superwoman, until they get one.  Once they have her, they are standing in front of a mirror.  All of their fears, insecurities, and shortcomings are revealed to them.  They may try to hide them behind walls of pride, control, or distance, but she can see right through them, and they know it.  It’s uncomfortable for them to be face to face with the issues they were trying to ignore and not ready to deal with.  She knows better than to waste her energy trying to save them from themselves.  She has already been where they are.  She fought that fight for herself long ago.

She knows there is no point in resisting the lessons that life has for us to learn.  If we need to learn how to love and be in a genuine, mature, adult relationship, it will happen.  It doesn’t matter if we fight the urge to love, the desire to commit, or the need to feel loved in return.  We can keep putting it off and avoiding opportunities to experience a committed relationship, but eventually we will either succumb to the growth that the universe offers us, or we will be prevented from attaining the next level on the figurative growth chart of life.

Growing up, a Superwoman knows she is different.  While the other girls at school drool and giggle over their crushes, she sees relationships as pointless obligations.  She knows she is constantly growing and evolving, and will continue to do so.  She understands that people grow and evolve at their own individual paces and she cannot predict that the person she is attracted to at this moment, will be the person that best fits her at the core of who she is, in the future.  Relationships are risky business to her.  They should fit like shoes, just big enough to grow into.  But then, we tend to grow out of shoes.  She grows fast.  Thus, her shoes need to be bigger, so to speak.  While other girls cry and get into a funk after a breakup, she bounces right back as if the relationship never existed.  She is shocked by her own resilience and strength at times as she walks away with ease from unhealthy relationships maintaining peace and harmony in her circle.

She has learned how to recognize when life is trying to teach her something.  She stops and intentionally listens when she feels the universe calling her name.  She refuses to move in opposition of the current in which life flows.  As a result, she generally finds herself to be too grand internally to be comfortable within the small confines of a committed relationship, especially if that person is not larger than herself internally.  The majority of her day is spent with people who don’t understand her or the things she does for fun.  They don’t get why she reads the books she reads or finds interest in doing her own research just for the sake of knowing.  She finds herself holding back in conversations with most people because she knows they are not interested in what interests her.  Since this is the case with most people, the last thing she wants is a relationship with someone who is impossible for her to connect with.

Therefore, the only man who can keep a true Superwoman is a true Superman.  Some men may think and even honestly believe they are a Superman, until they become involved with a Superwoman.  Her ability to multitask and never let him slip makes him realize he is not ready for the magnitude of the potential of this relationship.  In order for him to do right by her, he must first be willing to address those issues he has been avoiding dealing with for so long.  He may decide he doesn’t think she is worth the sacrifice of him doing that amount of self-discovery and reflection.  He may not like the vulnerability she makes him feel.  However, if he is a true Superman, he will recognize that this woman is different.  Her soul is like an abyss as she seems to always connect with the deepest parts of who he is, effortlessly.  He can’t deny the connection, and feels somewhat grounded in unconditional love and warmth whenever she is around.  The feeling is indescribable and irreplaceable.  There are many women that try to get a Superman to notice them through their domestic acts.  But a Superwoman’s heart is open and sincere.  From there, acts of appreciation, generosity, and consideration pour out like a never-ending fountain.  She is not trying to impress him with her kindness; she is kind to him because he has impressed her by simply being his magnificent self.  She doesn’t need a Superman to survive.  Rather, she prefers a Superman to have as a partner bigger than herself.  Someone she can learn from, grow into, evolve with, and occasionally lean on, when she is tired of saving the world on her own.

i'm superwoman


3 thoughts on “Superwoman.”

  1. Once again truth has been spoken. This blog entry speaks right to me, I personally believe I may be a superwoman. I do not have time for a lot of people and their b/s….hence why I have yet to get into a relationship. I am more focus on my career, education, and being successful at life, achieve my goals, and making my dreams a reality. Then sitting around dealing with men and women who have nothing to bring to the table but crisis and self esteem issues lol….this blog is the ULTIMATE TRUTH! I would like to also add many people are seeking things from people that they themselves are not willing to give back. AKA STANDARDS HIGH, but they do not meet their own standards lmao I see this every day!

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    1. Thank you Jia, I’m glad you could see yourself in there. I feel like people don’t realize the amount of sacrifice we make to accommodate their needs/requests. When we MAKE time for someone, we most likely had to move a few mountains first!


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